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Dave Spaulding - Handgun Combatives

Handgun Combatives 2017 Course Schedule
Miamisburg, OH Oct 14-15
Pistol Operator Course w/Gamut Resolutions
Handgun Combatives
Oct. 21-22 Gibsonburg, OH   Advanced Combative Pistol
Lisa Wicker
Millersburg, OH  Oct 28   Essential Pistol  
POC: Mike Hummel  
Linden, CA Nov. 11-12 Critical Space Pistol
POC: Mike Baryla
Homestead, FL Nov. 18-19 Interactive Pistol
Richard Smith
Handgun Combatives 2018 Course Schedule


Jan. 20-22  Las Vegas, NV  Handgun Combatives  
Point of Contact: Arturo Ceron  SOLD OUT!




Feb. 3-4  Ann Arbor, MI  Combative Pistol
POC: Brad Hill
Feb.  10-11  Ashland, OH   Critical Space Combat Pistol 
To register contact:  Anthony Zingale
Feb 24-25 Combative Pistol  Columbia, SC 
POC: Bob Hoban
March  3-4  McHenry, IL  Reduced Light Pistol  (indoor) 
POC:  Mickey Schuch
March 10-11  Jackson, MS  Combative Pistol
To register contact:  Chad Winkler
March 22-23  Tempe, AZ   Combative Pistol   
POC: David Laird
March 31-April 1  Richmond, VA  Advanced Combative Pistol 
POC: Chuck Mumford
April 7-8   Cresson, TX   Advanced Combative Pistol 
Private Course 
April  14-15   Beaumont, TX  Adaptive Combat Pistol  
POC:  Richard Worthey
April 21-22  Watkinsville, GA  Adaptive Combat Pistol  
POC: Lee Weems
May 5-6  Syracuse, New York  Combative Pistol    
POC: Matt Mallory
May 12  Miamisburg, OH  Essential Pistol  
POC: Handgun Combatives 
May 19-20   Dover, TN  Combative Pistol 
POC: Jerry Ziegner
June 6-7   Brainerd, MN   Adaptive Combat Pistol 
To register contact:  Dave Timm
June 16-17   Advanced Combative Pistol   Springfield, MO. 
POC: Roger Moore 
June 23-24  Miamisburg, OH Advanced Combative Pistol
POC: Handgun Combatives   
June 30  Waynesville, OH  Essential Pistol
Private Course 
July 14-15  Combative Pistol  Alto, MI   Tuition: $425.00
POC: Nick Lanning
 July 19-20  Laramie, WY  Combative Pistol 
To register contact: Greg Moates
Aug. 4-5  Adaptive Combat Pistol   Kalamazoo, MI
To register contact:  Brent Reeves 
Aug. 11-12   Combative Pistol   Brimley, MI 
POC:  Steve Charles
Aug 18-19  Adaptive Combat Pistol   Marysville, OH
POC: Michael Craig
August 25-26  Amarillo, TX  Combative Pistol 
To register contact:  Hunter Smith
Sept. 8-9  Dayton, TN  Adaptive Combat Pistol
POC:  Bill Newman, The Ridge,
September 15-16  Rochester, NY  Combative Pistol  
POC:  David Jenkins
 Sept. 29  Miamisburg, OH  Essential Pistol  
POC: Handgun Combatives 
October 6-7  Critical Space Combat Pistol  Richmond, VA
POC: Chuck Mumford
October 20-21  Jackson, MS  Vehicle Combatives  
POC:  Chad Winkler
Oct. 27-28  Miamisburg, OH  Reduced Light Pistol  (indoor)
POC: Handgun Combatives  
Nov. 3-4  Cresson, TX  Critical Space Pistol  
Private Course