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Glock 17 vs 19: What's the Better Buy?

Posted by Ghost Inc. on

In the world of handguns, Glocks are a household name—known for their reliability and solid construction. Even if you've decided that your next firearm purchase will be a Glock, there are still many things you'll want to consider. There's no doubt that the Glock 17 and Glock 19 have shown up in your handgun research; they are two of the most popular Glock models around. So, how do you pick which Glock model is right for you? Read on as we compare the Glock 17 and Glock 19 so you can get the most bang for your buck (pun intended).

Glock 17

Glock Specs 

Considered a full-sized firearm, The Glock 17 is solid a 9mm pistol that is equipped with a standard 17 round magazine. Fully loaded, the 17 weighs just over 32.2 ounces. It measures 8.03 inches in total length, 1.26 inches wide, and is 5.47 inches high with the magazine. The slide measures 7.32 inches long, while the barrel length is 4.49 inches. The trigger distance is 2.83 inches.

The Glock 19 is categorized as a compact handgun but also shoots 9mm rounds. The 19 comes with a 15 round magazine. It weighs just over 30 ounces when fully loaded. It measures 7.36 inches long, 1.26 inches wide, and is 5.04 inches tall including the magazine. The barrel length is 4.02 inches and the slide measures 6.85 inches long. The trigger distance measures in at 2.80 inches.

Overall, the Glock 17 is slightly larger, longer, and heavier than the Glock 19 with a larger magazine capacity. However, bigger doesn't always mean better, depending on your intended use.

Glock 19

Glock Shooting

Many factors play into a handgun's shoot-ability like ammo and human operation. However, the Glock 17's barrel is almost a half-inch longer than the Glock 19, increasing its sight radius and the ability to be more accurate. Some also prefer the 17's longer handgrip which accommodates those with bigger hands to get a tighter grip around the pistol when shooting. Shooters may notice a bit more recoil while using the Glock 19, which is due to its smaller and lighter frame while packing the 9mm punch.

One thing to note is while the Glock 19 can only hold 16 rounds and the Glock 17 can hold 18 rounds total, the 19 can also be fitted with larger Glock magazines—including the Glock 17. However, this is not a two-way street, as the 19's magazine will not lock into a 17. This feature of allowing smaller Glocks to be fitted with larger magazines is great because gun owners can base their handgun purchase on features instead of magazine capacity. Looking to purchase extra Glock magazines and other accessories? Check out Ghost Inc.'s inventory on our website.

Glock Carrying/holstering

While the Glock 17 may be a bigger, heavier pistol, the 19 definitely has an edge when it comes to concealed carrying. Its shorter barrel length may allow for more comfortable unholstering. The Glock 19's almost half-inch height difference also allows it to be more easily concealed. Though some may have no trouble concealing the Glock 17, environmental factors such as climate and stature of the gun owner play a role in its ability to be concealed. 

Final Thoughts

What determines which Glock is best to purchase ultimately comes down to what you are looking for in a firearm. If you want a compact 9mm pistol that feels and shoots like a full-sized gun, the Glock 19 is best for you. The Glock 17, on the other hand, is a solid choice for heavier shooting use, which is why so many law enforcement agencies around the globe use the Glock 17 as their weapon of choice. 

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