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Payment Policy:

We only accept US issued credit cards, US issued checks and/or money orders. Keep in mind that you must have a US billing address for credit card transactions and a US shipping address. You may choose to ship to a different US address other than you billing.

Checkout Policy:

If your order is denied, please ensure that the address you enter in the billing is exactly what your credit cards company has on file. About 90% of all transaction denied are because of this. We use a higher security process then most to verify credit cards. You can always call us for explanation of the declined charge. Please keep in mind that if your credit card is denied you will always show a pending charge on your account. This is not actually a charge and will fall off by next batch time. This is usually the next business day. If you created an account you can go in and fix the address, if not you can re-create an new order from scratch and the denied order will be cancelled.