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Glock Parts and Accessories You Can Add to a Glock 43

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If you are looking for a pistol you can use for self-defense and home defense purposes, you have probably thought about using the Glock 43. This has become an incredibly popular 9 mm handgun known for its mobility, discretion, smooth feel, and firepower. Its incredibly slim profile makes it easy to use for concealed carry purposes. In addition, it is very durable and reliable, and it should not break down under pressure as long as you take care of it. Another major advantage of the Glock 43 is customizing it to meet your needs. Are there parts you can add to your Glock 43?

You Can Add Glock Parts To Your Glock 43

Yes, there are plenty of parts and attachments you can add to your Glock 43. One of the reasons Glock pistols are so reliable is that there are not many moving parts. They have a relatively simple design, making it easy to customize. Numerous Glock pistols are available, so you need to find the right attachments to meet your needs. For example, an accessory for the Glock 19 is not necessarily going to work for the Glock 43.

Some of the examples of accessories you may want to add include:

  • A firing pin that can make it harder or easier for you to pull the trigger
  • A trigger connector that can change the feel of the firing mechanism
  • A magazine extender that can add additional rounds to each magazine

You need to consider your specific needs and select the right attachments for your Glock 43. That way, you can get the most out of your experience.

Magazine Extension for the Glock 43

This two-round magazine extension is one of the first accessories you may want to consider for the Glock 43. This accessory will give you two extra rounds for every magazine. As a result, you do not need to reload as often. A magazine extension also comes with a pinky rest that makes it easier for you to grip the pistol. A stainless steel magazine spring also increases its durability and reliability. If you are tired of reloading so often, consider this Glock 43 accessory.


Reduced Power Safety Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring

You may also consider this reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring. This spring reduces the power you need to apply to the trigger to fire a round. There are some people whose fingers get tired when they fire too many rounds in rapid succession. If this is something you struggle with, you can make it easier to pull the trigger by adding this plunger spring. It is compatible with the Glock 43.


A More Reliable Baseplate - MOAB for Glock 43

Did you know that the base pad that comes with the Glock 43 can experience issues? It is too small, doesn't have any grouping surfaces, and is not the most comfortable option for your hand. You may want to use this baseplate instead. It provides finger grooves and has been shaped specifically to make it easier for you to remove magazines if they get stuck, increasing the reliability of your pistol. When you drop magazines, debris can get in the way. This baseplate makes getting rid of this debris easier, making your Glock more reliable.

RED  MOAB - Mother of all baseplates for GLOCKS Glock Baseplates Glock Parts

Smoother Trigger Pull on Your Glock 43

If you are looking for a lighter and smoother trigger pull, you should look at this trigger connector, specifically designed for the Glock 43. This is one of the best accessories to add to your pistol if you want to use your Glock for self-defense. It will make it easier for you to fire your pistol, and you simply need to drop it in. You do not need to do any fancy fitting to add this accessory.

Glock Accessories - Ghost Edge Connector

Glock Parts and Glock Accessories for the Glock 43

Consider some of these accessories if you want to get the most out of your Glock 43. They have been specifically designed to help you tailor your firing experience to meet your needs. There are a lot of clock accessories available, so consider taking a look at some of the other options here. Then, customize your Glock 43 to ensure it responds precisely as you intend. 

Glock Parts and Handgun Accessories by Ghost Inc

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