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Glock 45

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Glock was created in 1982 by Gaston Glock, an Austrian curtain rod manufacturer. Author Paul Barrett said of the Glock in an interview with NPR, "it is the gun of choice for both criminals and law enforcement in America". The reasons vary but basically come down to the quality of the gun and the ease of use. In 1988 when the company began offering the product in the United States police officers found the gun easy to train with, lightweight, and capable of holding more shots with greater accuracy.

Over time the Glock name has become synonymous with reliability and safety straight from the box. This means a lot to those who purchase a gun for home protection but do not want to spend a ton of time training to use it. It also means that more law enforcement officers will be proficient in use and safety faster. The out of the box ease of use and safety standards are a basic level of quality that consumers have come to expect from each new model from the company.

Glock 45 Specs

The Glock 45 Was Released in September of 2018.

The Glock 45 is similar to the Glock 19 but it has a 17 round mag. Its release showed consumers that the makers of Glock were paying attention because many modified their Glock 19 for 17 round magazines. This upgrade, in addition to a few other modifications made this new gun a hit across the board.

Reviewers have reported that the performance is comparable to any other Glock pistol. However, the G45 improvements on the triggers are remarkable. The press is smooth and perhaps the best out of all the Gen 3 and Gen 5 triggers with it comes to comfort and reliability. This new model has a longer grip and fits well into larger hands. This can be viewed as a drawback for concealed carry capabilities but most law enforcement agencies are reporting that they like the slightly larger size and comfort of use.

Specs On The New Glock 45:

  • 9×19 caliber.
  • 7.44” length with a 6.85” slide length.
  • 5.47 height 1.34” width with a 1” Slide width.
  • The finish is in nDLC Black.
  • Sights come in polymer, steel, or steel night.
  • 17 magazine capacity.

If you are already a fan of the Glock 19 the Glock 45 is very similar with a few upgrades that make it the better choice between the two for most uses.

Because Glock designs its guns for easy exchange between different pistols they are easy to use and maintain to the exact specification of the user. As shown by the release of the Glock 45, if the manufacturers notice particular upgrades being made to a certain model (adding magazine capabilities to the G19) they will respond with a model that better fits the needs of the buyers. Since the release last year, the gun has been well-reviewed and received positively across the board. The only drawback seems to be the larger size, which some find as a perk.

This new Glock is readily available and the  upgrades and mods are easy to add. If you are interested in upgrading your tan Glock 19 to the black, smoother model that can handle 17 mags you won't regret it. It has been described as a Gen 5.5 instead of 5 because of the improvement levels. Browse our site for Glock accessories for your current gun, to upgrade your Glock 19, and more. We offer a variety of gun and knife upgrades and products that are manufactured to be of the highest quality that you can rely on each and every fire or use.

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