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An Overview of the Glock 42: One of the Smallest Handguns on the Market

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Many people are looking for a small pistol that will meet their needs, and the Glock 42 might be the answer. Many people do not realize that during the early 2010s, a new demographic was looking for a firearm in the concealed carry department. This demographic would be women. With many women looking for a concealed carry that would meet their needs, the Glock 42 eventually reached the market. Therefore, it is good to look at the Glock 42, how it compares to other similar Glocks, and why people have fallen in love with the tiny Glock 42.

The Switch in Ammunition

When the Glock 42 first came out, people were shocked to see that Glock had unleashed a pistol that fires .380 rounds. Even though the Glock 42 shoots reliably just like its brothers and sisters, the trigger, size, and capacity of the Glock 42 are markedly different from the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. In a world that has been mostly dominated by 9 mm, .40, and .45 rounds, it appeared that Glock had taken the punch out of its firearm.

At the same time, the .380 is a round that can still do some serious damage. The biggest reason why Glock decided to roll out the .380 round for the Glock 42 is that a new demographic was looking for a gun that did not have a lot of recoil. A .380 round is basically a short 9 mm round, which means that people will not have to “fight” the gun to keep the sights on target. As a result, the Glock 42 is easier to use than many other options from Glock.

The Glock 42 Is a Straightforward, Durable Firearm

In addition to the shift in the rounds it uses, the Glock 42 still retains the benefits of numerous other Glocks. This includes its light weight, its simplicity, and its ruggedness. Because the Glock 42 is so small, it is easy to conceal in just about any holster. Whether someone is wearing a business suit or is out for a jog, the Glock 42 is easy to hide in just about any compartment.

Furthermore, those who have never fired a gun before will still feel right at home with the Glock 42. It is easy to load, simple to aim, and straightforward to control. Because the gun is so light, people will not get tired even if they carry it around for hours. These are just a few of the many reasons why the Glock 42 is so popular today.

A Summary of the Glock 42: Pros and Cons

In the end, the Glock 42 is another reliable firearm from this storied manufacturer. Some of the biggest benefits of the Glock 42 that everyone should remember:

  • The Glock 42 is another Glock, so it is sure to be a reliable firearm.
  • In all testing, the Glock 42 has performed as expected when placed in the hands of experienced professionals.
  • The Glock 42 looks and feels like a miniature version of a larger Glock, so those who have fired Glocks in the past are going to like the familiar feel
  • There is almost no recoil when firing the Glock 42, which is generally called a “soft-shooter” gun.
  • The Glock 42 is even lighter than most Glocks, weighing in at a cool 15 ounces even when loaded.

The biggest drawback of the Glock 42 that everyone should note is that the Glock 42 is not a 9mm weapon. Therefore, those looking for a Glock 42 that shoots 9 mm bullets will be disappointed. Overall, the Glock 42 is another reliable firearm for the Glock legacy.

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