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How many rounds can a Glock shoot?

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how many rounds can a glock shoot?

Before answering the question about how many rounds a Glock can shoot, it is necessary to look at the Glock's capacity. The Glock is popular among police and casual enthusiasts for many reasons; among those reasons are that it's easy to use, durable, and easy to take care of. It's even relatively light and more comfortable to use than many other similar guns.

There are several different models, with different features and capacities. The original Glock 17 can hold 17 rounds and has different modifications like slots in the barrel and slide in the 17C that help compensate for recoil. Organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigation use the 17M as standard equipment. Its modifications include a tougher finish on the metal components and flared magazine.

Other models include the Glock 18, which is actually a machine-pistol class firearm and can be used with an extended 33-round magazine. Civilians don't have access to this version. The Glock 26 is subcompact and works well in places with concealed carry; it has a standard capacity of 10 rounds and the +2 extension brings that to 12, but it can be used with factory magazines from the Glock 17, Glock 18, or Glock 19 which can hold 15, 17, 19, 31 or 33 rounds. There are numerous other models, but most people won't encounter the others.

Modifying Your Glock

There are always things you can do to personalize your firearm and make it more comfortable to use. For instance, you can add grip texturing for better comfort and support. Another practical reason to modify a gun is to make it easier to reload in order to keep firing.

Glock Slide Release

Adding an extended slide release will make it easier to keep the ammunition available when it is needed. When the original factory release is too small, adding the modification seems practical. An extended slide release has the same purpose. Once all the bullets are fired, it is necessary to reload, which could take time. An extended slide release will keep the user from having to rack the slide manually, if there is ever a time when it is necessary to keep firing. Several rounds can be fired in the time that is saved.

Glock Barrel Conversion

It is also possible to modify the barrel so that the firearm can handle better cartridges. In order to ensure the stability of the weapon when firing, it is important to make sure the equipment is sturdy enough for the job. There are conversion kits that can modify some Glocks, and once the conversion is done, it is easy to switch back and forth between the cheaper practice ammo and the heavier duty rounds. Caliber conversion can save someone a lot of money in the long run, because the price of the rounds is quite different and there is no need to practice with regular ammunition. The conversion kits aren't very costly, they're easy to use, and converting back and forth between different magazines is also easy.

Changing Your Moving Glock Parts

Another important thing to remember is that, with all equipment, the spring, barrel, slide, and receiver can wear out. The spring should be replaced at least every 10,000 rounds, with many recommending the spring assembly and guide rod be replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 rounds. The other listed parts should be able to make it for about 150,000 rounds. As always, take care of your Glock, and clean and maintain it on a regular basis to keep it in the best working order.

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