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EXTRA POWER (10%) Magazine Spring for Walther PDP 18rd Magazines Sqaure Bottom

 These are stainless steel springs

Sold individually or in 3 & 10 packs.


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  1. Great for 140mm USPSA 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 30th 2024

    I use 140mm extensions from springer precision. Using the OEM mag springs, I can get 22 rounds, but the feeding isn’t as reliable on the last couple rounds, and there’s no lock back on empty. These ghost springs fix that. With these, my mags only hold 21 rounds, but they run a lot more reliably and lock back is good. There are no issues with seating the magazines either as long as I load 21 and don’t try to squeeze a 22nd round in there.

  2. They solved the problem 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 22nd 2024

    I have the PDP compact 4 inch and the full size 4 inch. Never had a malfunction with either of them. I recently bought the full size 4.5 inch and when I was checking it out, it would not lock back on an empty mag unless I yanked it back hard, and even then, the slide catch would barely engage the slide catch notch. I could put the same mag in the full size 4 inch and it would work every time. Did a little research and saw where several people were having the same problem and attributed it to weak magazine springs. I ordered the Ghost springs and noticed how much longer they are than the stock springs. Got them put in and now the slide locks back every time. Only draw back is you lose one round but the gun runs flawlessly now.

  3. Solves lockback issue 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 26th 2023

    I'm new to the PDP, but not new to pistol shooting. I was having an issue with sometimes barely touching the slide catch causing failures to lock back on an empty mag. Looking at the stock mag springs, they are comically short and weak; to the point where I honestly wonder if mine shipped with the right springs from the factory. I searched for +power PDP mag springs and landed here. +10%? No. These are at least 50% longer and probably at least 100% increase of tension on the ammo stack in the mag. So far, zero slide lockback failures, which is key for IDPA especially. I guess I'll ding it one star because you absolutely do give up one round of capacity... you are only getting 17 in there, no matter how hard you try. But definitely worth the tradeoff for me. I'll be using these moving forward for sure.

  4. These work! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 12th 2023

    These work very well. You will need to get a loader for getting that 18th round in though. These have given new life ,with a little extra to my wornout mag springs

  5. Exellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 26th 2023

    Much stronger than OEM springs, I have reliable slide lock on empty magazine now (that's why you here, right?). But you will have a 17rd capacity instead of 18rd after installing these springs. Technically you can forcefully load the 18 rd round but you wouldn't be able to do magazine reloads with slide in normal positition- the magazine would not lock because of the 18th round. Still, trading 1 round of capacity for the reliable function is worth it.

  6. Very happy! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 20th 2023

    If you do a lot of shooting with your pdp you'll find that the full size, 18rd magazines with the blue follower are pretty much underpowered junk. They age far too quickly and only cycle reliably a few dozen times or so and then they turn into malfunction practice magazines. Was very happy to find out ghost made extra powered springs for the pdp so I decided to just order 3 and try them out before getting ahead of myself and go replacing all my mags without first testing them. So far they have functioned flawlessly! Been to the range 3 times now and can say the magazine I was testing most cycled over 20 times flawlessly during live fire. When the springs first arrived I thought my god, they're HUGE, was I sent the wrong order? They can be a bit tricky getting them first into the magazine but once properly installed they work as intended! Sadly nomatter how many times I cycle the spring I can only get 17 rounds into a single magazine but honestly the trade off of losing 1 round for greatly improved reliability, "so far" is a huge win in my book. I'll be ordering 10 more and placing them into all of my pdp mags!

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