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An Overview of the AR-15: Key Facts and History

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If you are looking for a reliable firearm that will last for years, then you have probably thought about going with the AR-15. Even though the AR-15 has developed a reputation for durability, reliability, and responsiveness, many people are still wondering where the rifle came from. Take a look at some of the facts and history of the AR-15 below!

The ArmaLite AR-15

Even though most people closely associated the AR-15 military use, it has also become popular among civilians. Despite this, the history of the AR-15 does trace back to the military. Before being called the AR-15, it was called the ArmaLite AR15. It was named after the company that first made it.

Following World War II, the United States Military was looking for an automatic rifle that could replace some of their older models, such as the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine. The early experiments were disappointing, and the United States did not appreciate the performance of the M2 Carbine during the Korean War. Therefore, ArmaLite got to work trying to develop a winning replacement.

In 1958, ArmaLite submitted ten separate AR-15s for testing. The testing revealed an impressive amount of firepower given the lightweight of the AR-15. Furthermore, the AR-15 could carry three times the ammunition in a single magazine as its main competitor, versus the M14. As a result, the military decided that the AR-15 would be the replacement. ArmaLite eventually sold its patent for the AR-15 to Colt.

Colt Acquires the AR-15

After Colt acquired the AR-15, they redesigned the AR-15. Even though they liked the basic design of the AR-15, they realized that it was not exactly suitable for mass production. Colt changed the charging handle and moved it from under the carrying handle. Colt also rebranded the AR-15 to call it the Colt ArmaLite AR-15 Model 01. Colt then put on a show for the Chiefs of the United States Military once again. In 1960, the military ordered several thousand AR-15 rifles.

The AR-15 saw significant service during the Vietnam War. General LeMay ordered an additional 80,000 AR-15s during the summer of 1961. Even though the army was still using both the AR-15 and the M14 during this time, there was overwhelming evidence that the AR-15 fired bullets with superior firepower to the M14. Therefore, in 1963, McNamara ordered a halt to M14 production. This meant that the AR-15 was the only rifle that could serve as a universal infantry weapon in all services. All branches adopted the AR-15, and it became the primary weapon during the Vietnam War.

Modern Use: Adoption in Civilian Quarters

The AR-15 performed exceptionally well during the Vietnam War, and it earned its reputation for reliability and durability. While the AR-15 did struggle a bit in jungle combat, it proved to be a valuable lifeline for the soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War.

The reputation of the AR-15 spread to civilian quarters as well. Many people loved that the AR-15 fires a 5.56 caliber bullet, cools rapidly in the air, and has a straight-line recoil design. It also has a modular design system, making it easy to assemble, modify, clean, and repair. With a duckbill flash suppressor, the user can preserve their vision, even during the night. The sight is also reliable and can be adjusted depending on the preferences of the user. Because the AR-15 is so light, it can be carried around easily without exhausting the user even after multiple ammo magazines are fired.

The AR-15 quickly spread to other countries as well. Today, there are lots of automatic and semi-automatic rifles that are based on the AR-15. Suitable for sport shooting, home defense purposes, and hunting, the AR-15 remains one of the most popular rifles even to this day.

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