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An Overview of the Unique Nature of GLOCK Technology

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The gun industry has seen a tremendous amount of evolution over the years. Today, Glock simply dominates the handgun industry in the United States. For those wondering why Glock is so popular, the answer is that Glock technology is simply better than its competitors. At the same time, many gun owners and enthusiasts would like to know what sets Glock technology above and beyond the other options out there today. Glock is intimately tied to the history of American law, culture, and politics. Therefore, it is worth exploring how Glock technology came to dominate the gun market in the United States.

The Debut of the Glock Handgun

The first Glock made its debut on the open market back in the 1980s. Today, the Glock brand is found everywhere. The first Glock was designed by its namesake, Gaston Glock. He first designed this gun for the Austrian Army. The pistols that were in use at the time (in Austria) dated back to World War II. They were falling apart and the army simply need something better. Therefore, Gaston Glock stepped up to the plate and put together something better.

At the same time, the police force in the United States felt like they were being outgunned by the very criminals they were supposed to catch. They had been using the Smith and Wesson .38 caliber for years and it simply wasn’t good enough. Again, Gaston Glock stepped up to the plate to provide the gun of the future.

In addition to Glock’s willingness to solve both problems, he also found that he was able to keep his costs low thanks to his unique manufacturing process. He came up with a gun design before he had a gun factory. Therefore, he was able to find a factory that could make his design instead of the other way around. This kept his costs low and he stole the gun market overnight.

The Superior Technology By Glock

Of course, for Glock to stay at the top of the market, he also had to have a superior product. It didn’t take long for everyone else to realize that this was exactly the case. At the time, the traditional revolver had a capacity of six rounds. Glock had 17 rounds, meaning that the user could fire more times without reloading. Obviously, this is essential both for the police force and the army.

Next, the Glock also had a far lighter trigger pull. Instead of requiring a 12-pound trigger pull, the Glock could be pulled with five pounds of force. This means that the user is not going to get tired using the weapon. This allows the user to keep his or her accuracy up.

In addition, the Glock is far lighter than any other option on the market. The Glock was literally made out of a plastic mold instead of using steel like its competitors. This is the reason why the Glock is so light. This is the first thing everyone notices the first time they hold a Glock in their hands. If the gun is going to sit on the hip for 12 hours, it is important for it to be comfortable. The light weight of the Glock makes this happen.

Furthermore, the Glock also has a smaller number of components than other handguns at the time. Depending on the competitor, the Glock might have half the number of parts. This means that there is less that can go wrong with the design while also keeping it cheap to manufacture. This also makes it easier to replace a single part if something goes wrong. People can take the gun apart and put it back together again in a hurry. Look to Ghost inc for high quality aftermarket Glock parts

Finally, there is also no external trigger safety. There are a main trigger and a baby trigger next to it. In order for the weapon to fire, both triggers must be pressed. While this seems like a safety mechanism, this also makes the gun faster to deploy and fire.

The Glock is the Handgun of the Future

While Glock has been the dominant handgun on the market for the past few decades, it is also the handgun of the future. With polygonal rifling, a lightweight design, and a constant drive to innovate, it is easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with Glock. If you are looking for a Glock that will take your shooting to new heights, then call Ghost Inc. today! We would be happy to help you with all of your firearm needs.

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