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Are All Glocks Drop Safe?

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As gun manufacturing companies go, it’s hard to overlook or understate the impact Glock has made with regards to performance and brand recognition. Glock’s popularity is as impressive as their products, and for good reason. Glock makes a quality handgun, which is recognized as a go-to firearm around the world, from government agencies and militaries, to competitive shooters and gun enthusiasts. Additionally, Glock designs their firearms to operate smoothly and consistently, while maintaining a relatively simple design. Let’s take a closer look at one of Glock’s more interesting features; the drop safety.

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What Makes A Glock Drop Safe? 

One of the more appealing features for many Glock owners is the non-traditional safety system, consisting of the trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. Every Glock is manufactured with these three safety features in place. In essence, these three features take the place of a manual safety feature commonly seen on other firearms. 

The trigger safety operates around a lever on the actual trigger, which must be depressed, in conjunction with the trigger, to activate the trigger mechanism. The firing pin safety allows the shooter to disengage the trigger pull and have the firing pin stay in safety position. Equally, after a round is fired, the firing pin safety returns to the safe position. 

The third safety feature, the drop safe, is included to stop a round from discharging if the gun is dropped. With certain firearms, the impact of a drop can cause the gun to fire. Glock has virtually eliminated this potential problem with their set of safety features. 

For 99% of Glocks, if the trigger is not properly depressed with its safety lever, the trigger bar won’t move, which means the firing pin can’t engage. This set of stop-gaps means a shooter must be more intentional about their actions, which helps increase overall safety. Is it still possible for a misfire to occur with a drop? Well, anything’s possible. The likelihood of a misfire from dropping a Glock is highly unlikely though, considering their safety features. 

Are All Glocks Drop Safe? 

Every Glock is manufactured with the drop safe feature, which means they should all function as such. Simply dropping the gun will not be enough to cause a round to discharge. Inside each Glock is a metal trigger bar, which is pushed back with the action of pulling the trigger. The trigger bar has to be moved in order for the firing pin to be released and fire a round. If all of these actions don’t take place, the gun doesn’t fire. This is one of the many reasons Glock owners are so fond of their sidearms. You can see a more in-depth explanation of the three safety actions at the Glock website.

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Why is Drop Safe Important? 

As we’ve been discussing, the drop safe feature, along with the other safety features offered by Glock can be critical in preventing accidents or misfires. Still, not everyone is a fan of Glock, often because of issues of functionality or overall design. We all have our favorites and preferences in life. Handguns are no different, especially when considering its use as a potentially deadly weapon. 

For those guns without a drop safety, there is the potential threat of a misfire occurring if the gun is dropped. Often seen on older weapons in which the firing pin can be moved or released from receiving a jolt, there is the possibility of an accidental discharge. This means the potential of an injury or worse. With many newer gun models, a drop safe feature is often included, but is not always guaranteed. 

Consult with a trusted source for firearm information and knowledge to see which guns offer these types of features. Choose Wisely When looking for a quality handgun, Glock are among some of the most popular and performance-oriented. 

Addition to offering a lightweight design, numerous safety features, and a range of different models, they are also easily modified and customizable. 

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