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Are Polymer Guns Better Than Steel?

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Those who are looking for a firearm can easily become overwhelmed by the number of options. Browsing an online catalog or visiting a professional dealership will present people with a wide array of options to choose from. Because of this, it is helpful to take a look at a few of the examples of ways that firearms are different. This can help people narrow down their choices and will, ultimately, make their decision a little bit easier. One of the key differences is the materials that the guns are made out of. Some guns are made out of polymer. Others are made out of steel. Does the difference matter? Are polymer guns better than their steel counterparts?

The Benefit of Using a Polymer Material in a Firearm

Some guns, such as the Glock brand, are made out of a polymer material. When Glock first came to the market, this was one of their defining characteristics. People were instantly drawn to the new material. There are several key benefits of using a polymer material in a firearm. Some of these include:

The Weight: When compared to their steel counterparts, a polymer material is significantly lighter. Because people are now firing a lightweight handgun made out of a polymer material, it requires less effort. People are less likely to become tired absorbing the power of a polymer handgun because it is so light. Furthermore, for those who are carrying around their weapon during the course of the day, a steel handgun will start to weigh the person down. This is not a problem with the polymer material.

The Cost: Steel is a sturdy, expensive material. This can make the cost of a steel handgun a bit prohibitive for some people. In contrast, a polymer handgun is easier to manufacture and, therefore, will also cost less. This allows people to save money that they might be able to spend on additional features for their handgun.

The Dependability: Manufacturers of polymer handguns, such as Glock, have become synonymous with dependability. This is largely due to the durability that comes with polymer handguns. Even though steel might be able to stand up to the heat of a gunshot a little bit better than polymer, it is also prone to rust. As a result, the parts in a steel handgun will start to degrade. Rust is not a problem for polymer handguns such as Glock. This has contributed to Glocks reputation as a reliable gun manufacturer.

The Polymer in Glock Firearms

When the Glock brand first came to the open market, they were still new to the world of firearms. On the other hand, the company did already have a tremendous amount of experience with polymers. Glock uses an advanced type of synthetic polymer that has become instrumental to the success of the company. In addition to the synthetic polymer, Glock also added ferritic nitrocarburizing to the line of firearms. This is an advanced anti-corrosion surface treatment. While Glock does use a polymer frame, there are still parts of their guns which are made out of metal. These used to be prone to rust; however, with the advanced anti-corrosion treatment, these problems have become a worry of the past as well.

Glock continued to work on improving the polymer frame. Now, compared to its early years, the polymer frame has become wider. This was done to accommodate an advanced recoil spring mechanism that helps the user absorb the kick of the weapon. The polymer frame also comes in a variety of colors, allowing the user to  tailor the Glock design to suit their individual style.

Polymer Guns are Reliable

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits that come with owning a polymer handgun, such as a Glock. They are far lighter than their steel counterparts. On average, they are also significantly less expensive. They are also far more dependable and will not rust over time. These are only a few of the many reasons why so many people have turned to polymer handguns, such as Glock, for their firearm needs. Glock is continuing to research and improve on its polymer material and the quality of its weapons is only going to increase in the future. 

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