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Best Glock Magazines & Mag Accessories of 2023

Posted by Ghost Inc. on

Check out our recommendations on Glock Magazines, Glock mag extensions, and more for 2023! We thought long and hard to bring you the top picks of Glock parts and Glock accessories. Get your Glock ready for the new year and take full advantage of this iconic handgun's capabilities with extended releases, the best Glock magazines, other Glock mag accessories. Don't forget if you purchase Ghost Glock manufactured parts they come with a lifetime unconditional warranty - We won't ask questions, and offer you a replacement - it's that easy.

Best Glock Magazines & Mag Accessories of 2023

Here we've listed the latest and greatest Glock magazines and magazine accessories for 2023. As the year comes to an end and the holiday season came and went, most of us are stuck in the null of winter and what to do. It's the perfect time to upgrade your Glock, of course. Ghost carries Glock OEM parts and Glock accessories for all handgun models. The following list includes five of our favorite go-to Glock mags that won't disappoint:

LO-PRO Extended Mag Release for Glocks: GEN 1-3

GHOST INC. LOW-PROFILE (LO-PRO) Magazine release this Ghost invention gives you a speedy magazine release to insure very quick reloads with a very low profile-you need speed when you reload. Perfect for conceal carry. Our LO-PRO design ensures the magazine release is rapidly accessible and pressed without the possibility of accidentally dropping your loaded magazine.

Shop Glock Extended Mag Release

Ghost X MAG Extended Mag Release: GEN 1-3

The Ghost Inc. X MAG -Extended Magazine Release, is designed so that you can drop a magazine without changing your firing grip and so you do not have to modify your Glock's frame. It is designed to give you the maximum surface area possible for comfort and speed of release.

Ghost G43x & G48 Plus 4 MED for Glock G43 & G48 OEM Magazine

Another one of our favorite Glock mag extensions, this Glock accessory adds four rounds to your Glock 43x or Glock 48 (does not work with the Glock 43 or 42). It also features a pinky rest to give you a full grip, a stainless steel magazine spring, and it uses the existing Glock magazine's base plate.

Shop Glock 42 Factory New Magazine

Glock 42 Factory NEW Magazine 380 ACP

This is a factory original, drop-free magazine for your Glock. Glock magazines have a hardened steel insert encased in high tech polymer. This polymer coating protects the magazine and prevents deformation, even when dropped from a great height. Holds up to six rounds.

Glock 43 G43 EMR Extended Mag Release

Does the shooter in your life have a Glock 19? Then you probably want to look at the Glock OEM Factory G19 Gen 1-4 9 mm magazine this December. It comes in a black polymer and holds up to 15 bullets. You will get a sure shot every time with the magazine in your 9 mm Luger.

We hope you found a new Glock magazine or Glock mag accessories after reading. Check out Ghost manufactured Glock parts with an unconditional lifetime warranty and shop our Glock parts and Glock accessories today!