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Best Glocks for Concealed Carry

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Keeping protection on you at all times is crucial nowadays, and owning the best concealed carry handgun would be ideal. Glocks are arguably one of the best concealed carry pistols out there hands down for numerous reasons. Learn more on why we feel Glock ranks high on the list and which models are our go-to pistols to carry. Currently, there are four Glock Generations and GEN 5 yet to come with each one getting better. Here's our top choices:

Glock 19

Have you ever wanted to have a double-stack handgun with raw stopping power? The Glock 19 is an incredible choice whenever it comes to finding a gun that suits your needs. This gun may not be the best choice for newcomers to the gun world, considering that this weapon is a bit larger of an option than other guns. However, it should be noted that the Glock 19 is probably considered a flagship pistol when it comes to the Glock subclass. If you have the right holster, this weapon can be an incredibly easy and versatile weapon to use whenever you need to defend yourself at home.

Did someone break into your home and you need to act fast but don't want to turn the lights on to alert them? Put a light on that bad boy and hook yourself up with a 33-round magazine and the problem won't be there for long. Rest assured, the handling of this weapon is superb and versatile, giving you an edge whenever you need to fire quickly and accurately.

Glock 43X

The Glock 43X is a more lightweight option that still packs an incredible punch. It comes with a standard and MOS variant that both work incredibly and leaves you with options for your model. One of the greatest features of the Glock 43X is its comfort factor. This weapon fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and isn't cumbersome in the slightest. This is by far one of the best choices whenever it comes to concealed when carry weapons. The barrel is much shorter, making it a must-pick whenever you wish to conceal this weapon appropriately. When you want to go into action in comfort, this weapon is perfect and fits all sizes of hands out there.

Glock 29

If you are looking for a more advanced and rugged choice for a concealed weapon, then the Glock 29 is for you. This weapon is not recoil sensitive in the slightest and has a subcompact platform that uses 10mm rounds. The Glock 29 is oftentimes used as bear defense considering the stopping power that it has going for it. However, it can be used for just about any form of self-defense if you include wild hogs, intruders, and attacking dogs. Its hard to find a Glock that uses 10mm that is supposed to be a concealed weapon. Fortunately, the Glock 29 is the perfect fit for people looking for that extra stopping power and have years of experience when working with Glocks themselves.

The Best Concealed Carry Glock

We know that everyone should be able to defend themselves properly, including being able to conceal and carry your Glock comfortably. This means that people who are novices to experts should have a Glock that can work for them and scale in versatility depending on the user's knowledge of firearms. This is why we recommend the Glock 43X. Its lightweight, versatile, and beginner and expert-friendly design is perfect for a concealed carry weapon. While the Glock 29 is a great option for people who have adjusted to recoil sensitivity, it may not be an option for someone who is new and who desperately needs to defend themselves. This is why we can't recommend this fantastic weapon overall, even if we acknowledge the many positives it has. The Glock 43X is the perfect fit for someone who needs a lightweight, scalable option to protect themselves from any intruders or threats in the wilderness.

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