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Cleaning Your Glock

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Firing a gun even once means it's no longer clean. Most people won't put a gun away without cleaning it in order to reduce usage damage and wear. Your Glock needs to be cleaned every 3 trips to the range at a very minimum. If you don't fire it much, every 3 months is a good rule of thumb to keep it at i. The first step is it disassemble your Glock. We recommend a gun mat to help keep everything together and in one place. Ghost inc carries gun mats which are perfect for disassembling your Glock and keeping everything together. 

Begin With the Barrel of the Glock

Using a gun cleaning solvent, moisten a cleaning patch and run it through the barrel with the cleaning rod. Rotate it as you bring it forward and back, taking your time. Push the cloth past the breech and out through the muzzle, and repeat this process a few times to make sure you've gotten it well taken care of.

From here, use your bore brush to scrub the inside of the barrel until you've removed all debris and scuffs. You don't need to be able to eat off of it, but it should shine when inspected.

Next, Move on to the Slide

Using a dry brush or one with very little solvent, scrub the slide around the breech and extractor. The reasoning for using a dry brush or as little solvent as necessary is you don't want solvent or oil fouling up the firing pin or the channel. A clean gun is nice, but if you make it not function in the process, you've defeated the purpose of regular upkeep.

Using patches and your brush, complete the same actions with the receiver, ensuring all carbon deposits and gunpowder are removed as completely as possible. You want to make sure that you run dry cleaning patches through each component so that there's no solvent left behind.

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