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Ghost Inc MOAB Reviews

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You all took the time to share your thoughts on our Ghost MOAB so we wanted to take a moment to thank you. We've compiled a few from our website and also from YouTube for you to see here. If you have a Ghost MOAB, we want to hear from you as well!

Ghost Inc Glock MOAB Reviews


Posted by Michael Scott Gil on Apr 15th 2019

Just installed the + 6 Fuller plates on my glock 17 magazines . And all of them work is well as the 1st two I bought. Are hardly recommend these they work fantastic and you don't have to cut the tabs on the bottom of your mag to make them work and fit. highly recommended.


Posted by Kevin on Feb 9th 2020

I received 4 of these through the BOGO deal. Best. Deal. Ever. I was wary at first about the spring tension, as I saw some people had issues with the +6’s, so I left 2 of my springs untouched, and trimmed the other two a coil, and a coil and half off respectively. All of the mags fed perfectly through 400 rounds, without a SINGLE issue. You don’t need to trim the springs. The extensions are definitely tough and quality, and I absolutely hope they release them in more fun colors. The springs are stiff at first, so definitely load your mags and let the springs break in for a week.


Posted by on Nov 10th 2018

The MOAB are the BEST Glock baseplates I have ever purchased. I have used the Vickers baseplates extensively for the past several years, which are very similar; but these are much more ergonomic. They put the magazine in the palm of your hand at the proper angle from the minute you grab it out of the carrier. Having the ability to put cordage in a pistol magazine to pull it out of a bag, or even to use it as a temporary lanyard loop when you are on a boat, is an extant, yet very, very desirable ability. I give these a double high five and two thumbs up. I have literally watched dudes drop their four thousand dollar Wilson Combats into the briny deep ocean up in Alaska; while moving between boats, or trying to shoot a halibut they caught, because they did not have a lanyard. So with that point, looking at it from a perspective that isn’t even tactical, these things are very useful for anyone that carries a Glock or a Sig 320 For any reason, Be it in the city, concealed carry around the farm, a maritime environment, halo jumping into the turd world, Or pulling your pistols out of the safe to clean them; these base plates will not let you down. I plan on buying another 20 or 30 when funds permit.


Posted by Rob on Feb 1st 2020

19.95 for a +6 is a great deal. I got 2 of them during one of the bogo's for 14.95 which is unheard of. Installation was easy and they function great on my ETS magazines. Only wish I could have got FDE.

Customer service was amazing with fast shipping and frequent email updates. Will be a customer again in the future no doubt.

Ghost Inc Glock MOAB YouTube Reviews

Ghost Inc Disclaimer:

Ghost Inc does not recommend polishing any internal parts. We also advise against disassembly shortcuts in lieu of complete disassembly.

Polishing of any internal parts tends to cause uneven surfaces and can result in destruction of the parts symmetry. This can lead to component and system malfunctions or failures. Glocks are manufactured to function within a tolerance range and polishing changes these dimensions. Additionally, short cuts such as removing only the rear pin vs all 2/3 pins to change out the connector can affect the correct angles on the trigger bar and may torque part(s) and this could change the specs of the gun.

Therefore, we recommend against polishing or disassembly shortcuts to your Glock prior to installing your Ghost part(s). Since all our parts are designed and manufactured to be compatible with Glock specs. Any polishing or disassembly shortcuts may cause your Ghost parts or your Glock to not function as intended. 

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