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Glock 19

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The Glock 19 provides a handgun owner a very versatile firearm assembly that works for both concealment and regular pistol enjoyment. However, even good things can be improved a bit further, and a handful of accessories can really boost the enjoyment factor of the Glock 19 when modified.

The Glock 19 Connector

For the Glock a connector helps deal with the trigger over-travel that a gun owner or users might find annoying in a typical Glock 19 pistol. By shortening the action and allowing a much faster reset, the modified handgun works better and faster for multi-firing training and situations. Ghost Inc. provides a reliable connector modification in the Ghost CAT 4.5. A number of trainers have tested this connector model out with hundreds of rounds and found it to not only be very comfortable to work with but very reliable as well. In fact, many have modified their personal Glocks to incorporate the enhancement in their personal firearms, they are that comfortable with the Ghost connector model. Key factors of performance include a very reliable consistency behavior on every trigger pull as well as a solid play; there's no loose trigger feel going on here with the CAT 4.5.

The Glock 19 Grip Plug

Some might think a grip plug is unnecessary or extra weight on a handgun, but when you need to reload a Glock under pressure the last thing anyone wants, except maybe the target, is that you mis-aim the mag and hit the rim of the handle instead of going straight in. And that can happen more frequently, unfortunately, the older we get. It's just part of aging and personal inaccuracy in things. So, fix it. The Grip Plug works as a funnel, driving the mag coming in fast under stress right into the cavity it's supposed to seat into. There's no split-second jam or fumble; your successful reload happens with far greater consistency, which in turn improves your firing output increase under short time pressure. The Grip Plug is a bit of an all-around win-win when you think about it. Ghost Inc. carries a number of different Grip Plug models, from subtle designs to robust funnel-jammers, something for everyone.

Glock 19: A Simple Magazine Increase

A neat feature of the Glock 19 over its cousin, the larger Glock 17, is that the 19 model can utilize the larger magazine of the 17 to add bullet inventory capacity. This isn't so much an upgrade as an awareness feature. It's important because if you're feeling barred from the 19 due to its smaller magazine but really want the features, this little tidbit of knowledge solves the problem and gets you focused on what you want the handgun to do versus the bullet capacity.

Glock 19 Grip Extensions

Hey, some of us just have big hands period. And while Glocks, particularly the 19, make for a really functional, compact handgun, the standard grip might be a bit too short for some. With the Ghost Grip Extension choice the handling issue is solved for a very low, out the door cost. And when you need to handle your Glock properly, you don't want to figure out what you need in a grip under pressure.

Glock 19: Seeing in the Dark

A neat feature available for Glock pistols includes the night light clamp on capability. Ghost provides multiple models of the Olight mini handgun light. Using a compact LED bulb and assembly, these Olight add ons give a gun owner the ability to harness 600-lumen brightness in extremely dark situations. The light mechanism can be easily charged so a user won't go dark at the worst possible time. And, because the Olight models are so compact, the overall concealment ability of the Glock they are matched to is not compromised.

Try these additions and changes out and see what you think. Ghost Inc. provides these as well as a number of OEM parts and additional accessories for Glock 19 models and other Glock handguns, all manufactured to high quality expectations and can be ordered online.

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