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Glock Facts

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Today, Glocks are known as America’s handguns. This means that many people have taken the time to research as much as they can about this reliable, unique, and powerful pistol. While most people know that Glocks are made from a unique plastic that makes them lighter than traditional steel revolvers, there are still a few interesting facts that many people don’t know. If you want to learn more about America’s favorite handgun, then take a look at some of the interesting points that we have put together below!

The Maritime Springs Cups Standard

Many Glock owners will be surprised to hear that, traditionally, Glock has not offered  maritime spring cups to civilian gun owners. The good news is that these coveted spring cups can be added as an aftermarket part. They are usually not installed in the factory.

Why do people love these maritime spring cups so much? They allow water to flow past the spring cups even after the handgun has been placed underneath the water. If the Glock has standard spring cups, the striker will end up becoming hydro-locked. This means that it will not be able to ignite the primer, preventing the gun from firing.

Maritime spring cups can change this by protecting the striker. Historically, only the Glock 19X came with maritime spring cups; however, these coveted spring cups can be added as aftermarket parts.

The First Test Firing of a Glock Was Done Left-Handed

When Gaston Glock designed his first pistol, he didn’t have a lot of experience with firearms. While Glock has numerous testing facilities today, Gaston Glock did not have many options. He actually had a firing range in his basement. He would use it to test his prototypes during the evening. He actually shot all of his prototypes by himself and always used his left hand. He did this because he was worried one of the guns might blow up and destroy his left hand. That way, he could still use his right hand (he was right-handed) to draw his plans.

The Story of the Unique Glock Grip Angle

The Glock grip angle is one of the most polarizing facts of this unique design. Gaston Glock felt that this unique Glock grip angle was an important design feature that set his gun apart. In order to understand what he was thinking, it is critical to take a look at the details.

Gaston Glock was designing the Glock to be used as a military sidearm. He thought very carefully about what the Glock grip angle should be. He came up with a lot of mockups of pistols using wood that was nailed together. He asked visitors to aim them at something with their eyes open and closed. He wanted to come up with a Glock grip angle that would be instinctual, allowing soldiers to draw and fire their pistols more quickly.

The consensus was that the Glock grip angle would be between 20 and 21 degrees. That is where it sits today.

The First Glock Movie Appearance

It didn’t take long for American police forces to fall in love with the Glock. Once this happened, it didn’t take long for a Glock to make its way onto the big screen. The first movie appearance involving a Glock handgun was Die Hard 2 with Bruce Willis. The gun featured in the movie is the Glock 17. While Glock was happy that his gun was being used by the hero, he was mostly happy that the gun simply made an appearance in such a major blockbuster.

The Glock 17 Is Not Named for its Capacity

Most people know that Glock handguns are popular for its  expanded capacity. The magazine can actually be altered and styled with creative aftermarket accessories. While it is true that the Glock 17 does have a 17-round magazine, that is not why the gun is called the Glock 17. When Glock filed a patent for this new handgun, he already had 16 patents on file. As a result, this Glock was going to take slot 17 on his patent list. That is why this Glock is called the Glock 17.

These are just a few of the most interesting facts about America’s favorite handgun. If you are looking for accessories to make your Glock better suit your needs, visit Ghost Inc. today! We would be happy to help you with all of your handgun needs!

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