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How Does the Glock Compare to Similar Gun Models?

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Glock pistols are often used by homeowners to protect their property and their families. This gun is found in many homes across the U.S. and is among the most popular types. However, they share a lot of similarities with other models of guns.

History Of Glock Pistols

Named after its inventor, the Glock was created 20 years after the launch of an Austrian company called Glock Ges.m.b.H. In the 1970s the company designed its own belt links (to be used for machine guns,) knives, and casings for grenades. These items were first created for use by the military.

It wasn't until 1980 that Mr. Glock himself got the idea for the pistol we know today. He was inspired after hearing that the Austrian military wanted to acquire a newly minted type of handgun. Glock promptly pulled together a team of engineers to come up with a design. This was entered into a contest to find the military's next weapon.

One year later, the first design of the Glock was completed. Glock patented it after himself. It would go on in 1983 to become the weapon of choice for the Austrian military. The gun was known as a G17, yet the military referred to it as the P80 squared.

By 1984, the Glock was making its way to the U.S. After an article appeared discussing the gun, it became in demand in the U.S. though it wasn't yet available for sale there. In 1986, the model 17s was available for purchase in the U.S. for the first time. The 1990s saw police forces all over the country beginning to use the Glock in law enforcement.

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Glock Gun Sizes

When it comes to size, the Glocks 17 and 22 are the same. The barrel is 4.49 inches, 5.47 inches tall, and 8.03 inches wide. Other model guns of the same size include the IWI Masada, which is equivalent to a Glock 19. The main difference between the two is that the Masada holds more rounds than the Glock does. And while Glocks are used by the Austrian military, the Masada is primarily used by those in Israel. However, the Masada is considered to be mid in quality, while the Glock is far superior.

Another gun the same size as the Glock is the CZ P-10 C. The 'C' in the name of the gun indicates that it's considered a compact gun. And while this is the standard model, fancier models that are still the same size as a Glock 19 include two alternate versions; Supressor, and Optics ready. However, the CZ P-10 C may be the same length as the Glock 19, but its width is slightly larger. It's also five ounces heavier. Both guns have the capacity to hold 15 rounds of ammunition.

The Heckler & Kock VP9 is also the same. Its length equals the Glock 19, but it stands as tall as a Glock 17 does. It falls in between compact and full-sized when it comes to pistols. Heckler boasts a five pound pull weight, and is considered by most gun experts to be of average quality.

To Glock Or Not To Glock?

Though the Glock is similar to other types of guns, it is considered to be the superior choice. With a longstanding reputation, the Glock is a gun that most people appreciate being able to have access to. The gun's features make it easy to use and reload, which is why it is such a popular choice for people all over the world, but more so in America.

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