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Kershaw Knives

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It is important for everyone to make sure they use a knife that is made out of only the highest quality materials. When someone uses a  Kershaw knife, that is exactly what they get. Kershaw knives have been engineered for exceptional performance using some of the most advanced techniques on the market. For this reason, countless people have already turned to Kershaw knives for all of their needs. There are several benefits of Kershaw knives and steel that everyone should keep in mind. With these benefits in mind, it will be easy to see what has made this knife manufacturer trusted by millions.

Kershaw Knives: The Grip

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of a knife is the grip. While the blade is important, the grip is just as vital for several reasons. First, the grip is what gives the user control. With the right grip, the dexterity of any movement made with a knife will become far more accurate. In addition, the grip also provides an added degree of stability. This means that the knife will not slip or slide with use. The grip on Kershaw knives will always be made with the strongest, most durable materials available. This means that those who use a Kershaw knife will enjoy extreme precision, accuracy, stability, and control. Invest in a knife that is predictable and will not slip when used. This is what Kershaw delivers with each blade.

Kershaw knives grip

Kershaw Knives: Made with Unique Precision Heat Treatment

The steel of a Kershaw blade is always of exceptional quality. This is because Kershaw relies on a unique heat treatment process to bring out the best in each of its blades. When its steel blades are treated using extreme heat, the micro-structure of the steel blades is altered. The steel is tempered and becomes harder. The tempering process is added to prevent the steel from becoming brittle using the heat treatment process. The steel is first raised to a targeted temperature. Then, the steel is allowed to soak in the heat for a predetermined time frame. The ultimate result is the perfect balance between both durability and hardness. Obviously, this technique takes a tremendous amount of practice. With four decades of work, Kershaw has perfected this process, resulting in the high-quality knives that everyone is familiar with.

Kershaw Knives: Performance from High-Quality Steel

Kershaw works with some of the leading steel suppliers in the world. This is important because the benefits of working with these leading suppliers are then passed down to the users. Kershaw has partnered with these leading steel providers to increase the amount of nitrogen that is contained within each blade. With added nitrogen, the steel becomes more resistant to corrosion. This means that the steel is more durable than it was previously. Furthermore, this added durability allows the steel to withstand the hardening and tempering process mentioned above to a greater extent. This means that Kershaw steel is consistently among the top options on the market.

Kershaw Knives: Expertise in Manufacturing Quality

Knife companies can invest in the best steel in the world; however, in order for these benefits to translate into a high-quality knife, the manufacturing process is key. That is where the expertise developed by Kershaw is invaluable. Over the past few decades, Kershaw has worked to refine its manufacturing process from the first steps of heating and tempering to the moment that steel is attached to the grip. The result is one of the most well-recognized knife brands in the industry. Priced for exceptional value without sacrificing an ounce of performance, Kershaw has become one of the most trusted brands on the market today.

Kershaw Knives: Invest in High-Quality

Anyone who is looking for a high-quality knife should trust the experienced process of Kershaw Knives. Refined with decades of experience, the result is one of the leading brands on the market. The steel has been designed to stand up to routine wear and tear. The grip has been made with control and precision in mind. What sets Kershaw apart is their dedication to the user. This is unrivaled throughout the industry and will stand up to the test of time.

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