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Rat Worx Knives

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Rat Worx Knives has quickly risen to the top of most people’s lists when they think about high-quality knives. This has happened for good reason. This company manufactures unique knives that have taken the world by storm. This company is the only home of the Rat Worx MRX automatic chain drive knife. This unique design has led to some added benefits for the user that everyone should keep in mind. It is important for everyone to understand what makes this automatic chain drive knife different from the non-chain drive knife. In order to accurately compare the two options, there are a few key points that everyone should know. 


Rat Worx MRX

For those who might not know, the MRX is an automatic folder that is operated using a push-button which is then attached to a drive chain. There are a number of firsts that this unique design has set. For example, this is the first design to operate using a chain in the shape of a mini-roller. The blade also pivots on a ball-bearing system that is permanently lubricated, which is another first. In addition, the chain drive system has been powered by right and left hand extension springs that are wound tight. Finally, the name of the knife, as well as the manufacturer, have been concealed within the handle itself. This provides the knife with a unique and sterile look. All of these details have contributed to the massive amount of attention this knife from Rat Worx has received.

Rat Worx Automatic Drive Chain

The look of the automatic drive chain is already impressive enough on its surface. The drive chain is even more impressive in action. It drives the opening mechanism of the knife. The company has tested the system thoroughly and has found that the automatic drive chain will work perfectly more than 400,000 times before it starts to slow. This means that the automatic drive chain system is far more durable than any knife that uses a non-automatic drive chain. Rat Worx has even claimed that the knife can chop a block of wood in half without the automatic drive chain system breaking. 


Rat Worx Opening Speed 

One of the first things that will grab someone's attention when they open the knife is the speed. When the button is pushed, the knife instantly opens, creating a smile that will spread from ear to ear. The blade instantly opens and locks in place. The speed instantly separates it from any knife that opens without using a drive chain. Furthermore, the way the knife locks into place instantly makes it both safer and easier to control. This is another key difference between the automatic drive chain system from Rat Worx and the non drive chain system from other options.

Rat Worx Workmanship 

Once the knife is open, it is easier to take a look at the degree of craftsmanship that went into the unique mechanism. Everything has been created and specified down to the last detail. The gears, the ball bearings, the look, and even the inscription of the model and manufacturer have all been uniquely planned out to demonstrate the tremendous amount of detail that went into this unique knife. It is easy to see why this system from Rat Worx set so many firsts in the industry. This degree of craftsmanship is simply not matched by its competitors. There is even a pocket clip that is uniquely recessed against the grip of the knife. When compared to knives that do not use an automatic drive chain system, the engineering of Rat Worx is simply superior.

Investing in a Rat Worx Knife 

It is easy to see why so many people have already purchased this unique automatic drive chain model from Rat Worx. This knife is simply the latest in a long line of high-quality products from one of the leading manufacturers in the business. It will be awesome to watch this automatic drive chain knife completely change the standards throughout the industry. 

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