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The Glock 19 vs. Glock 43

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When buying a gun, finding the perfect model for you is essential. For those searching for a concealed carry pistol, two popular models often face comparison, the Glock 19 and the Glock 43. Both have the ability to be customized with a variety of Glock Parts and Glock Accessories, and more. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both guns to help you make your decision.

Glock 19 vs. Glock 43

The main difference between the two handgun models is the size. The Glock 43 is about an inch shorter than the Glock 19 and weighs about 5 ounces less. That size difference may seem small, but it makes a big difference in practice.

The smaller size of the Glock 43 also means it can carry less ammunition. The Glock 19 has the capacity for 15 rounds plus one in the chamber, whereas the Glock 43 only has the capacity for six rounds, as well as one in the chamber. That means your sacrificing nine rounds with the smaller model. However, that also means the gun is more lightweight and easier to conceal.

But the larger size of the Glock 19 means that most shooters can get full hands around the grip, which often results in more control and accuracy. Most handgun enthusiasts would agree the Glock 19 is easier to shoot and features less recoil due to its size and weight.

Ultimately, both guns are great and work well for personal defense. The only main difference between the two Glock models is that each one offers unique benefits for different scenarios.

Glock Parts

Glock 19

The Glock 19 was first introduced in 1988 and used primarily by law enforcement. Its compact size, easy handling, and excellent magazine capacity made it an instant hit and was quickly adopted by gun enthusiasts everywhere. In 2020, the Glock 19 was one of the best-selling pistols and it still remains one of the most popular handguns in the world.

Why's the Glock 19 is so popular? It seems to offer the perfect blend of power and portability. Not only does it have a high-capacity magazine, but it’s also easy to conceal, making it ideal for law enforcement and anyone looking for concealed carry.

In addition to already mentioned benefits, the Glock 19 offers durable construction, and long-term durability, and has been known to rarely have issues. Not to mention, all Glock models can be customized with a variety of Glock parts and Glock accessories. Highly respected and renowned, Glock manufacturers remain one of the best pistols on the market today. Also, the Glock 19 is named one of their signature handguns of choice.

Glock 43

Released in 2015, the Glock 43 was introduced as another version of the favorite Glock 19. It offers many of the same benefits as the Glock 19 but in a slimmer and more portable package. For instance, the Glock 43 is slim enough to easily slip into your pocket, which would be difficult to do with a Glock 19.

While not as well equipped for police officers or military personnel, the Glock 43 is suitable as a self-defense weapon. It’s perfect for those who want a powerful gun but don’t want to carry around something as bulky as the Glock 19.

In order to appeal to conceal and carry gun collectors, the Glock 43 was designed to fit perfectly along your waistband or in a handbag without being unusually bulky. Due to its compact size, this model does sacrifice slight power and control compared to that of a larger one. All in all, the Glock 43 made its respective place among the others and continues to be many shooters' go-to firearm.

Glock 19 vs. Glock 43

Ultimately, in the end, they're both impressive handguns that offer durability, reliability, and a compact size. If you’re looking for the best handling, capacity, and range possible, then the Glock 19 is a timeless classic. However, if you’re looking for something lightweight that is more for emergency purposes than regular use, the Glock 43 may be the best option. Overall, consider your comfort level and experience before making the right choice.

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