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What is a Glock Connector?

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The  Glock trigger connector is an often misunderstood and overlooked component of the weapon system designed in 1979. But the importance of its function should not be underestimated. Here, we will look into what this part does, and why it’s a worthwhile investment.

Glock Trigger Connector Purpose

The primary purpose of the trigger connector is to regulate resistance in the trigger pull. There are connectors that can increase the weight of the trigger pull, and there are connectors that can decrease the weight of the trigger pull.

Glock Trigger Pull

Heavier trigger pulls are conducive to greater safety, making negligent or accidental discharges less likely to happen. Lighter trigger pulls allow for faster, more accurate shooting. The environment the gun is kept in is an important determining factor in whether a lighter or heavier trigger pull is best. If you’re keeping the weapon in a glove box, a heavier trigger pull is probably a good idea. If the gun stays secure in an enclosed holster and is used for competition shooting, a very light trigger pull would be beneficial.

Glock Trigger Connector Function

This indispensable component moves down the sear away from the striker once the sear has drawn the striker back. Aftermarket connectors change the timing of this phase of the action of the weapon, allowing the owner to select the trigger pull weight or length that is desired.

Some aftermarket connectors add an additional protrusion. The purpose of this is to be filed away until there is just enough room for the sear to be displaced before the trigger is stopped.

Why Install an Aftermarket Glock Trigger Connector?

Custom Trigger Pull

As discussed above, aftermarket connectors let the shooter select the desired weight in the trigger.

Durability & Reliability

  • Despite the fact that Glocks are designed to be simple and to have the least possible number of moving parts, each one of those parts is critical to the function of the weapon. If just one of those parts breaks down, the weapon is likely to stop working. If a connector breaks, the weapon is almost certain to stop working. Therefore, a high-quality trigger connector is a good investment in reliability.

Competitive Shooting

  • Competitive shooters are working with performance margins within fractions of a second. A lighter trigger pull can make the competitive shooter faster, and less likely to respond negatively to recoil.

Customized Trigger Stop

  • Largely a matter of preference, setting the back end of the trigger movement at a specific spot can enhance shooting speed.

Smooth Operation

  • A high-quality trigger connector can improve the feel and smoothness of the action, whereas a low-quality connector will reduce the smoothness of the action. OEM Glock connectors are considered to be about middle of the road in this regard.

Ghost Trigger Connectors

One of the most popular connector brands to exemplify the topic is Ghost connectors. Ghost connectors are known for their quality metallurgy and offer a wide variety of options and advantages. They are known for the unique qualities like improved reset, self cleaning designs, compatibility across Glock’s entire selection of firearms, easy installation, and more.

These connectors exemplify quality in materials and design, setting them apart from the many similar products that simply alter trigger weight.

Pros and Cons of Glock Trigger Connectors


Aftermarket trigger connectors can:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Prevent trigger over-travel
  • Reduce or increase trigger pull weight
  • Improve shot recovery
  • Offer higher quality materials for better durability
  • Improve smoothness
  • Increase the reliability of the action
  • Feature internal debris channels for better performance
  • Allow for a more intuitive trigger pull


Aftermarket trigger connectors may:

  • Require the user to retrain with an altered trigger pull
  • May include more than one part, raising the total number of parts

At the end of the day, many of the design improvements that come OEM and that are available aftermarket require the shooter to train harder or to retrain muscle memory away from habits developed on other firearms. While many shooters are put off by the steeper learning curve- this is part and parcel of better shooting. Those who are willing to train harder and use the highest quality of aftermarket components can benefit from these and other high-end aftermarket Glock products.

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