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​What Is a Glock Minus Connector?

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Glock is perhaps the most recognizable of handguns in the United States by name, certainly among gun enthusiasts and especially casual gun owners. To some extent it's a well known name for anti-gun people, not that their opinion matters since they offer no useful information to the discussion. It's the fifth most popular handgun in America. Anyone who enjoys shooting will agree it's a well-made and reliable weapon, a boon to any collection, even though they might have a personal preference for a different brand's geometry or features according to what they grew up with.

What the Glock Minus Connector Is and Does

The Glock comes stock from the factory with at least a trigger pull, up to 6.5 lbs. Studies show that to be ideal for the most people when considering casual weekly to monthly shooters, aficionados, someone who might only shoot once or twice a year, and law enforcement. Although those studies show an average, many people prefer a lighter trigger pull. The Glock Minus Connector reduces the trigger weight to about 4.5 lbs, perhaps a little more in some cases. The lighter trigger pull provides better accuracy, as the gun is easier to shoot with less pressure applied to the trigger. The lighter trigger can also speed up the rate of fire, assuming the shooter has the proper training and experience to manage the higher rate of fire.

Who Can Benefit From a Glock Minus Connector and Why

The improved accuracy is ideal for people who shoot regularly at the range. For someone who shoots competitively, whether on a professional or hobby level, the lightened trigger action is considered a standard upgrade to the gun. The improved accuracy is also good for pest control and shooting a small moving target. It further improves the weapon's performance in the unfortunate situation of self-defense, although the gun is already a more than adequate tool for such circumstances. It can benefit someone who has smaller hands and a lighter grip, assuming they understand the proper way to hold and fire the gun while managing the kickback.

Why Some People Might Not Choose the Minus Connector

Although the Glock Minus Connector is an aftermarket upgrade to the weapon, no reputable dealer is going to suggest it's the be-all, end-all, “best” for everyone. Local law enforcement has regularly determined the stock trigger pull to better suit their needs, as they carry the weapon daily and draw it without firing more often than a civilian tends to do. The ATF and other federal law enforcement agencies opt for an in-between connector which sets the trigger pull at 5 lbs, because they found the minus connector to be too light and the stock version slightly too heavy for best performance.

It's also arguably not a great choice for the casual shooter without much training or who has developed certain improper shooting form habits. It's essentially a hair trigger, and although nobody likes to admit it, everyone doesn't shoot as well as Lucas McCain or Dirty Harry. If the gun is already more accurate than the shooter, groupings aren't going to improve by increasing the weapon accuracy. There's also a safety concern with such a light trigger action which doesn't apply to someone who understands all the proper procedures with gun use, but someone who doesn't often train might be surprised at how easily the gun can fire by touching or even jarring the trigger.

To summarize, the Glock is an amazing weapon straight from the factory which will suit the needs of most gun owners. The Glock Minus Connector is a relatively inexpensive upgrade which will improve the accuracy and efficiency of the weapon. As with all aftermarket parts, discuss your needs with your dealer and shooting coach before making a final decision, and ideally if you have the opportunity, try shooting a friend's Glock which has the upgrade. You'll probably like it as most people do. If that's not an option, for the price it's well worth the purchase to try it out knowing if you're one of the few people who aren't happy with it, you can always go back to the original connector. If you buy it from Ghost Inc., you have the further peace of mind in knowing they offer a “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee on all parts and accessories because as a responsible manufacturer they want every gun owner to be comfortable with their weapon and happy with their purchase.

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