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What Is the Grip Angle of a Glock?

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When people talk about the grip angle of a Glock, what exactly are they talking about? Does the grip angle change for different guns? Does grip angle have an impact on the quality of the shooting experience? When people think about Glocks, they know that this is a handgun with a reputation for being light, incredibly durable, and reliable. Some people believe that the unique grip angle of the Glock is responsible for much of its reputation. To take a closer look at the grip angle and its impact on Glocks, it is important first to understand the pistol’s grip angle.

What Is the Grip Angle?

The grip angle refers to the angle the Glocks grip makes with the rest of the gun. The first step is to look at the length of the barrel. Then, from the barrel, draw a perpendicular line to the bottom of the grip. This angle should be 90 degrees because a perpendicular line has been drawn. Finally, look at the front edge of the grip. It should angle away from the barrel of the Glock slightly as it rises to the trigger cage. The difference between the angle of the grip’s front edge and the perpendicular line between the handle and the barrel is the grip angle. When people are talking about the grip angle of a Glock, this is what they are referring to generally.

What Is the Grip Angle of a Glock?

While the grip angle of a Glock might vary slightly from model to model, almost all of them have a grip angle of about 22 degrees. This is slightly different from some other handguns on the market. For example, the 1911 pistol has a grip angle of about 18 degrees. Today, many guns, including the Ruger Mk II and the H&K P7, have grip angles similar to that of the Glock at 22 degrees. Some handguns, such as those used in sport shooting competitions, often have grip angles that are adjustable to meet the user’s needs.

Does the Grip Angle of a Gun Matter?

Throughout the years, the grip angle of guns has changed significantly. This change has to do with changes in the technology of firearms and the shooting stances that people used. Today, most people use some sort of square or diagonal shooting stance. This is a stance that allows people to absorb the recoil well without harming their accuracy. As a result, many guns that have been designed recently have been created with grip angles that are designed for this stance. Furthermore, whether someone uses one hand or two hands on the pistol will also impact the preferred grip angle.

The main reason why the grip angle matters for gun owners is that it could force people to change the way they position their hands and their firing stance. For example, if someone has to contort their hands and their wrists to get the gun’s barrel pointed at the target, this could lead to traumatic injuries when pulling the trigger. Therefore, everyone needs to look at their firing stance and make sure that they can comfortably use the weapon in their preferred stance.

Of course, the grip angle is only one of the many factors that people should consider when looking for a handgun. Some of the other factors to consider are the gun’s reliability, power, accuracy, and how easy it is to carry when concealed. The good news is that Glock handguns check all of these boxes.

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