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What Is the Most Powerful Glock on the Market Today?

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There are few who would argue that Glock has become the most popular handgun model in the United States. Since the 1990's, Glock has come to dominate the market with its revolutionary design, capped off by its unique plastic mold that makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to fire, improving its accuracy. Since that time, Glock has put out multiple handgun models. While everyone has their preference, many people are asking which handgun is the most powerful. While each model from Glock has its benefits and drawbacks, those who care about power need to know how this metric is defined.

Defining the Power of Glocks 

Similar to Glock, the definition of “power” coming out of a weapon does have some degree of subjectivity to it. Some people define powerful as the number of rounds that can be placed on a target quickly. Other people define power as the size of the bullet or the speed with which it is fired.

As a whole, most handgun manufacturers such as Glock define the “power” of a weapon as some sort of combination of all of the above. The faster a gun can put more rounds on a target, the more powerful it is. Furthermore, the heavier the round is, the bigger punch it is going to pack. Finally, the faster the round is moving when it strikes the target, the more power it possesses. One could argue that all of these factors play an important role.

In the Glock world, there isn’t much debate. The reality is that the Glock 20 is a weapon like no other. This is the most powerful gun made by Glock.

An Overview of the Glock 20

The Glock 20 was designed to fire the 10mm auto cartridge. In this manner, the Glock 20 is a powerful combination of a high capacity auto-loading weapon along with a cartridge the packs a punch. The result is that the Glock 20 is more powerful than the popular 1911 pistol from Glock yet it also has twice the magazine capacity.

The earliest Glock was designed by Gaston Glock, who made bayonets for the Austrian Army. The reality is that the Austrian Army needed something new after World War II and Gaston Glock was able to deliver with his powerful, lightweight plastic mold. In the mid-1980s, Glock came to the United States and his weapons became bestsellers.

There were other Glocks that fired the 10mm cartridge used by the Glock 20; however, they were short-lived (at first) with the FBI because they generated a lot of recoil. This means that they were unpopular despite providing superior ballistics than other options on the market. Glock was an astute observer and set out to solve this problem.

In 1991, Glock introduced the 10mm Auto Glock 20. This gun was poised to take the 1mm cartridge’s resurgence to new heights. That is exactly what has made the Glock 20 the most powerful Glock on the market.

The Power of the Glock 20

There are numerous advantages that accompany the Glock 20. It combines the power of the 10mm caliber round with its high capacity magazine, which magnifies its power. The Glock 20 can fit 15 rounds into its standard magazine despite the size of the 10mm round.

Furthermore, the Glock 20 still delivers a force of up to 774 foot-pounds, which is the same power of the 1911 handgun with a faster firing rate and more than twice the capacity of the magazine. In some situations, the force delivered by the Glock 20 can even exceed the famous 1911 pistol. In terms of defining power by force per round, the Glock 20 is undoubtedly at the top of the list. When the Glock 20’s force is combined with the extreme capacity of its magazine, it is certainly the most powerful gun produced by the famed gun manufacturer.

Finally, the Glock 20 is also unique in that it can use different types of ammunition if desired. This means that the user can tailor the recoil, power, and round size to meet his or her needs. This provides the Glock 20 with a tremendous advantage over the other options. Even though the Glock 20 is nearly three decades old, it is still the most powerful.

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