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What's The Best Glock for Concealed Carry?

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When it comes to functionality, reliability, and durability- Glocks check all the boxes. They are perhaps the best guns for self-defense, concealed carry, home defense, security, and law enforcement. But when it comes to concealed carry, there really is no one best gun. The best gun for carrying concealed depends on many things. It depends on what you need from the gun, what you are wearing, weather conditions, the political climate where you intend to carry, and any number of factors that are simply too numerous to be listed or even anticipated. So, lets talk about the considerations we've mentioned.


What Do You Need From Your Glock?

Our first consideration is what kind of performance you need from the gun. For example, if the type of attacker you expect to encounter is strong, determined, and armed- then a low-capacity, 9mm, pocket pistol might not be enough. You might need a high-capacity, large caliber weapon. Obviously, these are the hardest to conceal.

Glock Concealment and Your Attire

Our second consideration is what you are wearing. If it's winter time, and you're all bundled up, there is no problem- you can carry your .45 caliber man-hammer with little difficulty. But if it is warm, or you are indoors- you may not have the luxury of layers. You should think about when you are most likely to carry and what you would normally wear during those times.

Glock and it's Social Acceptance

Our third primary consideration is the social climate where you intend to carry. If you carry a weapon every day, chances are that at some point you will accidentally reveal to the people around you the fact that you are armed. If you are in a workplace where guns are unwelcome- this could be very bad. On the other hand, if you're in a place where carrying is accepted, an accidental reveal is not a problem.

Glock Concealment and Your Career

One final consideration might be what you are doing. If you are in the construction industry, or some other line of work where you have to climb, crouch, enter small spaces, and so forth- concealing your weapon can be next to impossible. Frankly, if your tasks are physically demanding and full concealment is a must- keeping your gun in a backpack or leaving it in your truck might be the best option.

Glock Concealment and Your Body Type

One final consideration might be your body type. Your body type and your carry considerations will contribute to determining what Glock will be best for you. Some people are surprised to find out that carrying concealed can be harder for someone who is bigger around the middle due to shifting waste-bands and the like.

In short, the more challenges to concealment you have to deal with- like the ones discussed above- the smaller your concealed weapon should be. There are obviously exceptions to every rule and your personal safety and preference will be the deciding factor.

Which Glock Should I carry?

Glock G19

Let's start with the Glock G19. It is considered by many professionals to be the best and most reliable gun in the world. It is exceedingly popular and holds 11 rounds without any add-ons. It is not the smallest Glock available and can be moderately difficult to conceal.

Glock G26

The Glock G26 is smaller and easier to conceal. It also holds 11 rounds. It’s one downside is that its small size can make handling awkward for some people.

Glock 30

The Glock 30 Sf runs .45 ACP rounds for better stopping power. It is smaller and easier to conceal than the G19, but larger than the G26. Because it is small and runs higher caliber ammunition, handling may be an issue. This gun will require more training to use and conceal effectively.

Glock G43 9mm

Finally, we have the G43 9mm with its 6-round magazine. This model is highly concealable. It achieves this by reducing both power and ammo capacity- which is fine for use either as a backup pistol or for a civilian who has little expectation of needing to use the weapon.

Choosing the Right Glock For You

Before you choose your Glock, your best bet for picking the right one is to go the range and try them out. Every shooter needs a gun that he or she can handle well. Your first consideration should be, Can I hit a target with this gun under stress? If the answer is yes, then that is the gun for you and you should try to find a way to carry it.

Glock Holsters


One of the great things about Glocks is that they are compatible with the most modern and streamline holsters on the market, giving you far more options than just about any other brand of firearm. So, in conclusion, our recommendation is to try all of the models we mentioned. Look at different holsters and choose a gun that fits your carry needs.

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