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Why Do Glocks Shoot Left?

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In the world of firearms, when all is said and done, the only thing that truly matters is the accuracy of the weapon. No matter how cool a gun is, or how hard it shoots, or how far it shoots, or how fast it shoots, none of it matters unless the bullet hits the target. During the past few decades, Glock has risen to become the most popular handgun on the market. While this model has proven its superiority in the hands of most shooters since the 1990s, one of the most common problems people have is that they have noticed that their Glock tends to shoot to the left. There are a few important points that people need to note about why a Glock tends to shoot a little to the left.

Possible Reasons Why the Glock Shoots Left

The reality is that the reason why Glocks tend to shoot left can be different from person to person. While some people think that there is an anomaly in the way the Glock is constructed that causes it to shoot left, this is not the case. There are a few other possible reasons why someone’s Glock might shoot a little to the left.

First, consider an issue with the front sight. Sometimes, the front sight hasn’t been aligned correctly. This means that when people shoot the gun, the sight isn’t accurately lined up for where the bullet is going to go. Over time, the sight could shift slightly and needs to be moved back to the right spot. This should be the first issue people notice.

On the other hand, the most common reason why the Glock shoots to the left has to do with how people hold the gun. The vast majority of people are right-handed. Therefore, they tend to hold the gun and shoot the same way. First, take the Glock and make sure that it is not loaded. This is critical before going any farther.

Then, assume the firing position and pull the trigger. Once the trigger is pulled, leave the finger in the “pulled” position. Place some stress on the finger and watch the gun. The front sight of the gun probably goes to the left. This is a sign that the gun itself is being pulled to the left. This is a very common problem for people who use a Glock.

The reality is that the way the trigger pull has been designed means that people who are right-handed are going to pull the gun slightly to the left when they fire using their natural position. This might vary slightly depending on the size of someone’s hand and fingers. In addition, the reverse is probably true for people who are left-handed. They are simply in the minority. So, how can this problem be corrected?

Correcting the Left-Hand Lean of Glocks

There are a few ways to correct the way the gun pulls to the left. The first option is to rotate the pistol in the firing hand in the clockwise direction ever so slightly. This might feel a bit off and will take some time to get used to. Anyone who fires different types of weapons might not be able to get used to this, given that the grip is going to change from gun to gun.

The other option would be to loosen the grip just a little bit. The reality is that the harder someone pulls on the trigger, the more this force is going to pull the gun to the left. Remember that the Glock is known for having a very light trigger pull weight. Therefore, don’t pull on the trigger as hard. Loosen the grip of the little finger with the strong hand just a little bit. This will relax the rest of the hand, letting the grip loosen ever so slightly. For many people, this slight grip release does the trick. If the trigger just doesn't feel right, Ghost inc sells Glock connectors that might help you find that perfect trigger feel. 

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