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Zero Tolerance Tactical Knives

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No matter their walk in life or profession, when someone buys a knife it must be reliable for use every time it is needed. Certain professions need knives on a regular basis and also need to be able to know that the knife will work perfectly for the intended purpose each and every time. Imagine an EMS worker having to deal with their own knife emergency instead of getting access to their patients that they needed when they pulled out a faulty knife. Or picture a police officer struggling with a blade opening instead of being able to cut a child out of a car seat-belt. When every second counts, you want a knife brand who takes each aspect very seriously. We are here to tell you why Zero Tolerance Knives are the best tactical knives.

Zero Tolerance Tactical Knives for Professional Use

Zero Tolerance knives have released a variety of blades with tactical purposes in mind. At Zero Tolerance the ZT blades are all tested in a variety of situations over time. Zero Tolerance understands the vital role their knives will serve when they are sold to EMS and Paramedics personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, tradesmen and Military Professionals.

Zero Tolerance Tactical Knives Key Elements:

  • Balance - When you pick up a knife that is not balanced correctly you know it. Your knife should feel nice in your hand. When you use your Zero Tolerance knife, it should wield easily as you push or pull it. When choosing a tactical EDC knife (every day carry), finding one that is balanced perfectly for your use is important. The exact balance of the knife will depend partly on your intended use. A chef's knife will be balanced differently than a self-defense weapon.
  • Strength - What type of steel is used? Can it be sterilized over and over? Can you sharpen it on your own? How is it forged? These questions and your understanding of the answers matter when it comes to choosing a tactical knife to be a useful tool. In addition to steel strength, you want to look at the materials that the rest of the knife is made of. Is the handle easy to grip and the correct size for your hand? Will you be able to clean in all the crevices effectively, and will all the materials stand up to use over a long period of time? If a knife is beautiful but not able to be used without causing it harm, then it is pointless in the field. Zero Tolerance knives are works of art that have durability and precision.
  • Ease of Use - Can the knife be opened with one hand, even with gloves? If it cannot be opened with just one hand are you prepared to open it with two because other benefits of the knife outweigh one-handed opening? Make sure that the operation of the use fits your specific needs. You should always practice pulling it out and opening it before you are out there in the field using it for the first time. If you use the same knife for work as you do for everyday carry then you will likely be able to use it as second nature. This likely means upgrading your EDC knife, but it is worth it to spare a second when each one matters.

At Ghost Inc, we carry many quality tactical EDC knives from Zero Tolerance and other quality brands that we have vetted and are willing to stand behind. Our USA based company has been in operation since 2000. Everything we manufacture has an unconditional lifetime warranty and guarantee. If you need tactical supplies that you can rely on to do your job and save lives, browse our selection and feel confident that we back our supply.