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Do Glocks have a Safety?

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Glock Safety

Owning a firearm comes with major responsibility and this is just as true for Glock pistols as it is for any other weapon. The most important responsibility of every gun owner is to make sure that they, and those around them, are safe from harm. Guns obviously have the potential to do tremendous harm to the user and others and, in order to minimize this risk, it is important to take every measure possible to keep everyone safe. With this in mind, there are several important pieces of information concerning Glock pistols and safety.

The Safety Mechanism of the Glock Pistol

The short answer is that, yes, Glock pistols do have a safety. Even though Glocks are known for their simplicity, there is still a safety mechanism. This safety is important because it prevents the gun from firing when not intended. On Glock pistols, there is a trigger safety mechanism. There is a little tab that rests against the trigger. When the safety is engaged, this safety is slightly in front of the trigger and prevents it from firing. When the gun is ready to be fired, the user needs to move this tab so that it is flush with the trigger. When the tab is flush with the trigger, the safety has been disengaged and the gun can be fired. Although there might be slight variations on this safety mechanism depending on the specific Glock model, this safety mechanism is almost identical across all Glock pistols. It is important to note that many characters in fiction stories use Glock pistols and the descriptions of the pistol in these works of fiction might not be entirely accurate.

Glock Safety Tips: Storing the Weapon

The safety of the Glock pistol extends far beyond the built-in safety mechanism. In order to keep everyone safe, it is also important to make sure that the gun is stored safely. When the gun is not in use, it should be stored in a locked area of the arm. Make sure that the lock is as sturdy as possible and cannot be easily drilled or knocked off. For many people, this means storing the gun inside of a safe. In addition, make sure that the gun is stored separately from the ammunition. Remove the magazine and de-chamber the round. Store this ammunition apart from the gun. This will prevent the gun from going off accidentally. For anyone who has children at home, this is even more important. Children are curious and there are too many stories of children accidentally shooting themselves, or others, with a gun.

When the Glock is On the Person

When people are using their Glock in a concealed carry manner, there are several other safety tips to keep in mind. First, always handle the Glock as if it were loaded, even if it isn't. Next, always keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction. Do not place the finger on the trigger without the intent to fire. This prevents accidental discharges from happening. Make sure that the gun is cleaned on a regular schedule. This ensures that it functions as intended. Finally, never handle a Glock while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Safety Should Always Come First: Owning a Glock

The most important obligation of every gun owner is safety. This means safety for the user and those around them. Make sure that the weapon is stored safely when not in use. This means storing the gun and the ammunition safely. If there are children in the home, this becomes even more important. While it is tempting to keep the weapon loaded and easily accessible for an emergency situation, this also increases the risk of the gun firing when not intended. Anyone who has concerns about firearm safety should speak with a trained professional to learn more.

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