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EVO ELITE 3.5 Gen 1-5


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* All springs in kit will work on Gen 5 for the exception of the trigger spring. This does not fit the 42 or 43.


The EVO has the lightest feeling trigger press due to the smoothness and stage free 3.5lb design. (The PRO 3.3 is 2 ounces lighter)


The GHOST EVO ELITE is the best self-defense trigger control connector we have ever made!

The EVO ELITE is Smoother, Lighter, Shorter and eliminates trigger Over-travel!

These attributes give you the fastest most accurate first shot hit advantage of any self-defense Glock style trigger.

The EVO ELITE fixes the Glock bump or glitch, this is the pre-travel resistance you feel and must overcome when the trigger bar bumps into the connector. This bump causes you to apply excessive force and will move the pistol off target.

Another thing the EVO ELITE corrects is trigger over-travel; the excessive movement of the trigger after the pistol fires. Over-travel causes the pistol to move off of alignment with the target, making your shot go low and to one side.


The EVO ELITE is the best self-defense connector made and by changing a few springs you can also have the best sport or enhanced self-defense trigger connector! We believe that this trigger control connector makes all others obsolete. Once you try it, we know you will agree!


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  1. Awesome upgrade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 23rd 2019

    Easy to install and a must have!

  2. glock 19 glock 20sf 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 13th 2018

    glock 19, 20sf both set up with complete zev pro trigger kit , Ghost evo elite, 6 lb spring for the glock 19 6.5lb spring for the glock 20sf striker. trigger spring on both is 6lbs and the recoil system is from DPM heavy duty for the 20sf, heavy duty guide rod and DPM +P+ Recoil spring and guide rod.

    500r underwood 115 +P+ nosler
    1000r Finocchi 115 range ammo

    great function in the glock 19!!

    40r underwood hard cast 220
    100r underwood 200g xtp
    20r xtreme penetrators underwood

    no probs in the glock 20sf

    excited to try the pro version i cant wait for the 3.3 lbs pull to match my mossberg 930 and ar 15.

  3. 800+ rounds. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 25th 2018

    Ghost Inc and it's employee's are amazing!! I waited far too long to upgrade my G19X trigger connector and springs. After contacting Ghost Inc.'s helpful and knowledgeable staff, I was guided to purchasing the best application for my needs. (EDC/plinking) After 800 rounds, the Evo Elite has yet to fail and has also improved my accuracy. Due to the smooth squeeze of the trigger, lighter pull weight, and crisp reset, I'm able to control target acquisition quicker for the next shot. I will continue to do business with Ghost Inc. and recommend them as long as they continue to make the same quality products at a reasonable price point.

  4. The Best Ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 23rd 2018

    This is the single best thing you can do for your Glock!
    The elimination of over travel and the smoothness of the trigger is Amazing! I have put this in 2 of my Glocks now and I will be ordering more! The Staff at Ghost is the most patient, Helpful, and professional I have encountered in a very long time! Thanks for being the best!

  5. Fantastic Connector! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 22nd 2018

    Combined this with the Agency Arms trigger and NY1 Trigger spring. The result is a fantastically smooth trigger pull with almost no stacking and a very crisp break/reset.

  6. Dramatically improved Glock trigger 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 19th 2018

    Being a USPSA competitor, I've tried several different trigger connectors, springs, etc. I recently purchased the EVO elite so that I could experiment with eliminating the overtravel in the trigger after break. All I can say is WOW, it's amazing. I had no idea that the overtravel made that much difference in the way the trigger felt. Plus there's no stack up at all in the trigger now, just a nice, smooth, clean break. No need to buy these $200 drop in trigger kits when this one part will get you where you need to be.

    This connector does require you to fine tune the fit. I'd say that I had to install, check, and disassemble my Glock 6-7 times before I got it just right. I removed a little of the tab at a time to make sure I didn't remove too much. Well worth the effort.

  7. JUST 1911 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 29th 2018

    Perfect connector, makes the trigger just like 1911. Zero reset.

  8. Great Trigger!! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 22nd 2017

    The evo elite kit in my opinion, is the best glock trigger I have ever shot! Amazingly smooth takeup, 0 stacking, clean break, 0 over travel, and great short reset. With out swapping the trigger bar, I don't think it could be any better. I had reservations about installing after hearing people say they had to reassemble the whole gun 10 to 15 times before they got it right. But when you look at the trigger housing, it is clear where you need to file to get it to break. It still probably took 1.5 hours to install, but I only had to completely reassemble once. The only minor complaint that I have is that I think ghost could probably shorten the overtravel stop by at least a 1/16 of an inch. The instructions say remove 1/32 at a time and check, But I had to remove probably close to an 1/8 inch. I think if I had to install another one I would save some time by using a dremmel initially. Awesome overall though!!!!

  9. Smooth trigger pull 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 11th 2017

    Easy installation. Ghost online instructions were clear and detailed. Nice smooth trigger pull with no trigger overtravel after firing pin drops. Clear reset click. I recommend it.

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