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Glock 19 Parts & What They Do

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Owning a Glock 19 is something to be proud of. But it also brings with it a lot of responsibility. It's your job to know all about the various parts that make up the Glock and what each part does. Here is a breakdown of the Glock 19 parts, both interior and exterior, and what each one's purpose is exactly.

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Glock 19 Exterior Parts

The exterior parts of the Glock 19 are the slide, frame, trigger, trigger guard, magazine release, slide catch, barrel, accessory rail, magazine well, grip/back strap, rear/front sights, and the chamber. The slide is the part of the gun that you can pull back and then release. This is where you insert the ammo into the gun. You'll have to take the cartridge out of the chamber and put it in the magazine.

Next on the long list of Glock parts, is the trigger. This is the actual lever that gets squeezed/pulled in order to release the bullets from the gun. You'll also notice the trigger guard, which is essentially a cage that surrounds the trigger. The following lists other important Glock 19 parts to familiarize yourself with such as:

  • Magazine Release: The Glock part that gives you the ability to reload the magazine well. 
  • Slide Catch: You can find this component on the gun's left side. It's the latch that lets you lock the slide when you aren't using the gun and release it when you are. You'll need to use the slide catch when you're done firing rounds.
  • Barrel: The metal tube that allows bullets to be discharged from the gun.
  • Accessory Rail: It's specific to the Glock19 because it offers support for the extra Glock accessories, which include lasers and other lights.
  • Magazine Well: This is where a Glock19 holds the gun's magazines.
  • Grip or Back Strap: This part simply refers to the back and the front of the gun's handle.
  • Rear & Front Sights: These are notches that are located on the gun's slide. These are there to help you perfect your technique when you aim your gun and fire it.
  • Chamber: A Glock part where the cartridges are held in anticipation of firing off the gun.

Glock 19 Interior Parts

The interior parts of a Glock 19 are the barrel interior, the recoil spring, and the firing spring. Glock 19s have a distinct hexagonal pattern inside the barrel, whereas most others have a spiral pattern.

Made up of a recoil spring that makes the impact of the gun's recoil less intense, so it's easier to keep a firm grip on the gun. In addition the firing spring aids in igniting the Glock. It works by propelling the firing pin so that it will make contact with the cartridge primer.

Glock 19 Parts to Replace Due to Wear

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Certain parts of the Glock 19 wear out quicker than others. The Glock parts that you will need to replace the most frequently are the magazine catch spring, recoil spring assembly, slide lock spring, and the trigger spring. We've listed out each Glock part and why they wear out:

  • Magazine Catch Spring: After a certain number of rounds have been shot, this Glock part needs to replaced. It's a necessary part for your gun to work because without it the magazine won't stay in place.
  • Recoil Assembly Spring: Known as is one of the most important parts of your gun. If you don't replace it when necessary, you'll likely experience breakage of the locking block pin and issues with the cycling.
  • Slide Lock Spring: If this Glock part breaks the slide won't stay on the frame. Like with any part of any gun, you'll have to replace it after a certain number of uses.
  • Trigger Spring: Recognized as the driving force behind your gun. Without that, it would be completely useless. If the spring fails, you won't be able to fire off the gun.

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