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What Should You Do Before Cleaning Your Firearm?

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Glock Cleaning

Owning a gun comes with significant responsibility and one of the tasks of a responsible firearm owner is to make sure that the gun is cleaned regularly. This helps make sure that the gun is kept in good condition, prevents the parts from breaking down, can prevent the gun from jamming, and ensures that it is safe for use. When it comes to cleaning a Glock, there are several important steps involved. These steps need to be performed in a certain order to prevent accidents from happening during the cleaning process.

1. Ensure that the Pistol is Unloaded

While this might seem like an obvious step, it is important not to overlook this. Ensure that the Glock is empty before stripping it. Nobody should ever clean their gun with live ammunition in the weapon. Furthermore, make sure that there isn't any live ammunition anywhere in the vicinity of the cleaning area. Remove the magazine before ejecting the round from the chamber otherwise, this action will just chamber a second round. Once the magazine is removed, then eject the chambered round.

2. Dry Fire the Weapon

The next step is to dry fire the weapon. This is done to make doubly certain that there isn't a bullet in the chamber during the cleaning process. Make sure that the gun is pointed in a safe direction away from people or expensive objects. The firing pin should click forward if this is done properly. Make sure that both of these steps are performed in order before moving on to the next steps. Safety should always come first and mistakes can happen if the user is distracted during these first two steps.

3. Disassemble the Pistol

Follow the instructions of the owner's manual and take apart the Glock. Taking apart the gun ensures that all parts of the gun are accessible for the cleaning process. It should disassemble into its four components which include the slide, the barrel, the guide spring assembly, and the frame. Once these parts have been disassembled, the Glock is ready to be cleaned.

4. Collect the Required Cleaning Materials

With the pistol disassembled, it is ready to be cleaned. Some of the materials that will be helpful for the process include cleaning patches, Q-tips, a high-quality cleaning rod, a bore brush, a gun cleaning toothbrush, gun solvent, lubricant, and a rag. While everyone has their own cleaning style, all of these materials will prove helpful during the cleaning process. They all have their different benefits and ensure that every part of the gun can be reached and cleaned thoroughly. There are numerous options for cleaning brushes, solutions, and solvents. Make sure to find the materials that are appropriate for a Glock.

5. Cleaning the Glock

With the Glock completely disassembled, it is now ready to be cleaned. Thoroughly clean each part, one at a time, making sure that nothing is overlooked. Use the appropriate materials for the appropriate part as instructed in the owner's manual. Then, once every part is cleaned, lubricate the pistol and reassemble it.

Appropriate Cleaning is Crucial for Gun Ownership

One of the responsibilities of owning a Glock is to make sure that the gun is cleaned regularly. This makes sure that the gun will operate in an efficient manner and prevents jamming; however, it is also important for everyone to make sure that they are cleaning their gun in a safe manner. This means removing all ammunition from the gun prior to cleaning and disassembling the gun to make sure at the gun is cleaned thoroughly. Try to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep the gun operating at a high level. This ensures that the gun will perform as intended if called upon.

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