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Best OEM Glock Parts & Glock Accessories

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When customizing your own Glock for your specific needs, it is important to get the best OEM Glock parts for exactly what you need. We have over 160 OEM Glock parts, but in this article, we’ll focus on five critical parts you’ll want to take a closer look at when deciding on your own customizations.

Best OEM Glock Parts & Glock Accessories

These critical OEM Glock parts are typically the parts that are more high-ware and are necessary for the proper function of your firearm. These are parts that everyone, no matter how often the firearm is used, will wear out at some point. You can also check the manufacturer to see when you will need to replace the part. Now, if you're trying to choose between Glock factory parts or Glock aftermarket parts that's an entirely different ball game, since we typically do not deal with aftermarket parts. Here are our favorite OEM Glock parts and Glock accessories:

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Recoil Spring

By changing your Glock's recoil spring at regular intervals, you can make sure that this functionality is working properly. Most manufacturers will say that you should replace this every 5,000 rounds unsuppressed. Even if you don’t wear it out or break it, you might lose it when you are taking your gun apart to clean it, so it is a good idea to have a spare spring lying around in a pinch.

Magazine Release Button

Glock factory magazine release buttons are very small, sharp, and difficult to manipulate without adjusting your grip. Adjusting your grip results in adjusting your accuracy. Since accuracy is related to the consistency of your grip, the magazine release button is extremely important when it comes to your grip. If you operate it a lot, it will have some wear and tear on your thumb. A magazine release button can help you become a safer and more accurate shooter as well as a more confident one, because you can manipulate the controls without needing to adjust your grip.

Followers & Baseplates

New Glock followers and Glock baseplates are some of the best OEM Glock parts you should have on hand in case the original goes missing or they break inside of your original magazine. The base can easily crack when dropped on the ground. The follower is where it contacts the slide stop. Eventually, you might get a failure to lock back because the plastic is worn down. While some magazines are more expensive on other guns, it is important to have a whole other magazine in the case of a Glock because they are reasonably priced and you will get factory quality.

Firing Pins

If you are someone that likes to take the whole gun apart, having extra Glock firing pins is important because once they drop to the floor, they can be hard to find and can easily get lost because they are so small.

Extended slide lock

The Glock slide lock allows you to operate the gun more efficiently. This means you don’t need to adjust your grip to operate the magazine release button or the slide stop lever/release. It also helps in the disassembly/reassembly of the specific slide you are working with.

The Best Factory OEM Parts for your Glock

By making sure you have the right parts for your specific Glock customization, you can take your experiences to the next level. Making sure your Glock can be used properly and without hesitation will make you a more accurate and confident shooter. Here at Ghost Inc., we have all the factory OEM Glock parts you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. 

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