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The Glock 48 - The New Standard for Concealed Carry

Posted by Ghost Inc on

Since the Austrian gun manufacturer started producing quality handguns, there is no denying the Glock’s ubiquitous nature in the hands of a competent competition shooter, a weekend plinker, law enforcement, or just someone that wanted a handgun for personal reasons. These shooters like the Glock for almost the same reasons – reliability, dependability, and ease of use. The Glock is one of the most useful handguns around, and the number of different models means there is a Glock for anyone.

That said, this blog will look at one of the newest in the Glock line – the Glock 48. There is a solid reason for it – this may be one of, if not the best, Glock models on the market today. Keep reading to see why this is the case.

The Glock 48 - Pros

There is something that many people who are looking to purchase a handgun immediately look for over any other characteristic – the size of the gun. Those looking for a small handgun will undoubtedly find the Glock 48 more than fits their specific needs. The fit on the hand and barrel are almost the exact same as the big brother Glock 19, but the overall width of the Glock 48 is just over one inch – 1.10 inches. The slide is even smaller – 0.87 of an inch. If ever there was a Glock designed for the concealed carry, this is absolutely the one.

The Glock 48 - Cons

The awesome size making for an ideal carry weapon does have its drawbacks. The small size makes the Glock 48 a bit more difficult to shoot with exceptional accuracy, and almost all of the other categories used when comparing short and longer handguns. The size of the Glock 48 makes the handle more difficult to hold; the shorter barrel means less velocity and ballistic performance. These are your tradeoffs, but such is the case anytime you look for a concealed carry handgun.

The Glock 48 – General Review

Out of the box, the Glock 48 is excellent. Add a few aftermarket upgrades, and a great handgun becomes an even better handgun.

The size we have already discussed, but there is a bit more information to review. The Glock 19 was considered the standard for concealed carry handguns, and this model still has its adherents. The Glock 48 is just like the Glock 19 but on a diet, slimmer by a margin.

Some compact handguns are smaller, but these are usually augmented with the addition of extended magazines, rendering the other brands almost the same as the Glock 48, less the aftermarket opportunities afforded.

The small size and lightweight of the Glock 48 make concealed carry on the person comfortable and not overly obvious about carrying.

The magazine on the Glock 48 is a single stack, uncommon, but this is where the width comes into play. At ten rounds, the Glock 48 is more than sufficient for a backup or concealed carry. The Glock 19 holds five more rounds but is about a half inch thicker. It is up to you to decide what is better, five rounds or a half inch.

Shooting the Glock 48 is like any compact model, except the single stack magazine will produce a bit more felt recoil in hand. Nothing overly serious, but enough to be noticeable. Those who experience “Glock Knuckle” (the bottom of the trigger guard strikes the second knuckle on the middle finger) will likely have this happen again with the Glock 48. There is simply not enough room to move at the guard to get the knuckle clear.

Glock 48 Recommended upgrades

Sights – The Glock 48 comes with standard plastic sights. Ghost Inc. offers various excellent sight upgrades, with the night sights being strongly recommended because of the smaller frame on the Glock 48.

Magazine release – If there were a drawback to the Glock in general, the magazine release would be the one thing many would change right off the bat from the factory. The plastic nature of the magazine release on the Glock 48 will quickly get worn down. A replacement metal release is inexpensive and does not require fancy tools to replace. Changing it should be a high priority.

Glock 48 Final thoughts

It is a Glock. If you are a Glock fan, you know what this means. If you are not a Glock fan, you should become one because the Glock 48 is a concealed carry delight. Add a few upgrades, and you will have a fine handgun that will more than meet your concealed carry needs.