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Top 3 Glock Triggers

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Glock is one of the most popular gun makers on the market. They are known for their range of products and their reliability. Sometimes, pistol owners choose to replace their Glock triggers. There are parts made especially for this purpose. After you're done with this blog check out the top Glock upgrades. Keep reading to learn more about the best Glock triggers available on the market today, why you'd want to replace them, and where to purchase them.

Glock Triggers & How They Work

Triggers are a primary component of a pistol and are responsible for firing the weapon and releasing the firing pin. Although there are several parts to a gun, this is the component that actuates the firing of a bullet. A Glock trigger is a part of the pistol that engages the firing pin. This part also keeps the firing pin from moving. The trigger is designed to be pulled back. Once this action occurs, the trigger bar descends the safety ramp. After this happens, the firing pin is released. After the pistol fires, the trigger bar depends on its original positioning to engage the firing pin.

Replacing Glock Triggers

There are a few instances where you would consider or need to replace a Glock trigger. One of the most common reasons is that the trigger is going to break or has already broken. There are many tell-tale signs that this is about to happen. The most notable is that the feel of the trigger is off. It may feel like there is grit in the mechanism, or it may feel hesitant or not what you are used to feeling when you squeeze the trigger. You may want to replace it to be proactive or to refurbish an old pistol. Whatever the case, there is a Glock trigger to meet your needs.

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Top 3 Glock Triggers

Individuals looking to replace their Glock triggers can consider one of these top options to provide them with a quality product from a reputable Glock parts retailer. Learn the difference between Glock OEM parts and Glock aftermarket parts.

  • The Glock 44 .22LR factory smooth trigger is an excellent option for those looking for the compatible model's trigger parts. This trigger comes with a bra and sells for $14.95. This product allows for smooth firing and durability that other types don't offer.
  • This Glock OEM trigger comes with a bar for the Glock 42. This is a new factory trigger designed especially for this model. It effectively replaces any original trigger on a Glock and is designed to provide effective firing and function. It is available right now for $14.95
  • This Glock 43/43X & 48 trigger with bar is perfect for replacing triggers for this particular pistol model. It provides a durable solution that is designed to stand up to frequent use. This trigger is available for $29.95.

Each Glock trigger listed above can be purchased online from Ghost Inc. Along with a variety of Glock parts and Glock accessories.

Common Glock Trigger Questions

Q. Does every Glock generation use the same trigger?

Only some Glock generation uses the same trigger. Find out which trigger is the suitable replacement for your particular Glock model for smooth operation.

Q. Are Glock triggers interchangeable between models?

Some Glock triggers and other parts are interchangeable between models. Consult with an online parts chart to see which are interchangeable and which are not.

Q. What common mistakes are made when you try to replace the trigger yourself?

A common mistake is setting the spring rate too low. This allows the pistol safety to retract and then close when the pistol is fired.

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