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EVO ELITE 3.5 Gen 1-5


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* All springs in kit will work on Gen 5 for the exception of the trigger spring. This does not fit the 42/43/43x and 48.


The EVO has the lightest feeling trigger press due to the smoothness and stage free 3.5lb design. (The PRO 3.3 is 2 ounces lighter)


The GHOST EVO ELITE is the best self-defense trigger control connector we have ever made!

The EVO ELITE is Smoother, Lighter, Shorter and eliminates trigger Over-travel!

These attributes give you the fastest most accurate first shot hit advantage of any self-defense Glock style trigger.

The EVO ELITE fixes the Glock bump or glitch, this is the pre-travel resistance you feel and must overcome when the trigger bar bumps into the connector. This bump causes you to apply excessive force and will move the pistol off target.

Another thing the EVO ELITE corrects is trigger over-travel; the excessive movement of the trigger after the pistol fires. Over-travel causes the pistol to move off of alignment with the target, making your shot go low and to one side.


The EVO ELITE is the best self-defense connector made and by changing a few springs you can also have the best sport or enhanced self-defense trigger connector! We believe that this trigger control connector makes all others obsolete. Once you try it, we know you will agree!


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  1. Makes a world of difference! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 11th 2022

    Purchased a gen 5 G34 for USPSA competition use. The stock trigger was heavy and had a noticeable hitch with the factory connector. I've been running Ghost Edge connectors for a while in most of my Glocks, but wanted to try the Evo Elite. HOLY COW IT'S GREAT!!!! 15-20 minutes to trim the tab, test fit, disassemble & trim, retest, etc. The trigger is at least 2 pounds lighter in pull, smooooth, and there is absolutely no sense of a "wall", it just pulls and then bang the striker falls. Trimmed the tab per the instructions, gun is 100% reliable, minimal over travel and a joy to shoot - the dot doesn't move during the pull until the gun fires. Absolute perfection.

  2. Major improvement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 19th 2021

    I installed one of these in a G40 10mm running a Vortex RMR. From the factory, it was the worst trigger of the Glocks I own. The nearly 6-lb pull & steep stacking coupled with the long overtravel were causing the gun to move right when the trigger broke as could easily be seen by watching the red dot during dry fire. After about 45 minutes of light grinding and stone polishing the Evo connector made a world of difference. Lighter pull and almost no stacking or overtravel to speak of. Trigger break now causes virtually zero perceptible movement in the gun.

  3. Ghost Evo Elite 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 26th 2021

    The connector is an excellent choice for those looking for greater trigger for trip from their Glock. Nothing is ever going to make a striker fired gun feel like a single action 1911 but this it a drastic improvement over stock. The is some grinding involved that took me about an hour of grinding and fitting approximately 12 to 15 times before it was perfect but the results were well worth it. My shot group tightened up immediately. Best upgrade value a shooter can do to a Glock.

  4. Get one! Or 10!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 9th 2020

    Best connecter ever made! I put this in all my glocks!

  5. A Little Piece of Metal! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 15th 2020

    It's simply amazing that one little piece of metal, about the size of a dime, can so dramatically improve my G-19! I've installed and used various trigger kits, drop-in cassettes, enhancement kits and such, and none have been as straightforward and relatively simply to put into action!

  6. Ol reliable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 25th 2020

    This is my go to and favorite connector by far. It is always smooth and functions perfectly. I have used many different connectors trying to see what is the best and what I like. Don’t get me wrong there are others out there that I like but this is my #1!!!

  7. Can't stop at one 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 4th 2020

    Don't waste money on fancy triggers in which they take a $14 Glock part, knock the trigger shoe out, and insert their special aluminum shoe, and then charge you $150. Just replace your stock Glock connector with this one. That's all. Keep everything else stock. Just this little piece of metal solves two problems -- a heavy trigger wall you need a jackhammer to get through; and over-travel that impacts your accuracy. Take your time, trim slowly, and you’ll be alright. The Ghost Armour's Plate is a tremendous help at filing it perfectly, so I recommend you throw one in the cart. You'll end up with a much smoother, and lighter trigger with over-travel completely gone. You'll feel the difference. Only problem is ... you can't just get one of these. You'll order more for the rest of your Glocks.

  8. with a little work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 2nd 2020

    With a little work, which is enjoyable, you can have the best trigger feel and reset available.

  9. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2019

    Easy to install. I'm no armorer and I knocked it out in 15min with confidence. Beautiful smooth clean break with no wall or over travel. Shot group perfection!

  10. EVO trigger connector 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 6th 2019

    Ordered and received just a few days later for a Glock 17. first time "gun smithing". I used a hand file to adjust my EVO and an electronic caliper. I was scared and took my time, and it worked out great. If i had to do another one I think i would use a Dremel like the pics on Ghost web site shows, it would go a lot faster. I was not in any hurry. I just took a triangle hand file and kept it square. and followed the instruction. I went to the range and it was an instant improvement. out of 10 3" circles I had only one that was out, and that was just me not bring focused. the majority of them were with in 2" of each other inside the 3" circle at 10 yard, and I was draw on each one most of the time... wonderful product and help my accuracy at once. Now I just need to get my skill to met the tools abilities.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 23 | Next

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