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Are Glocks Safe?

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What makes a Glock pistol safe is that its safety system is carefully designed to allow it to fire every time you need it to fire, yet prevent accidental discharge. If you were to pull out your gun to defend yourself from a threat and pull the trigger only to find that it won’t fire because you forgot to release the manual safety while under duress, this would no longer be a safe situation for you. With a Glock, on the other hand, you can count on your gun to fire each time you correctly pull the trigger as surely as you can count on it never to go off if dropped. Its built-in protection system is highly dependent upon its owner behaving responsibly and being well aware of gun safety. A Glock is designed to be safe until you need to use it, and quick and easy to use when you need it.

Glock Have Multiple Safety Features

People only vaguely familiar with Glocks may warn that they lack a safety system, but actually there are fail-safe mechanisms within the Glock even though they lack the manual safety switch found on other weapons. In fact, the Glock is equipped with 3 safety features: the trigger safety, the firing pin safety, and the drop safety. They are not complicated, not hard to engage or disengage, and help make the Glock safe without sacrificing its reliability when you need to use it.

Glock Trigger Safety

The Glock trigger safety consists of a second blade-shaped piece centered within the trigger that allows it to function if both are pulled back together. This safety protrudes slightly in front of the trigger and must be depressed first; once it is even with the trigger itself, only then can the trigger be pulled back and the gun can fire. Until it is pulled back equal with the trigger, the trigger safety will lock. This prevents the gun from discharging if something inadvertently brushes or hits the trigger awry. The trigger safety is specifically designed to prevent the pistol from firing in case of accidents such as the trigger being touched in a way other than an intentional, purposeful pull. As soon as the trigger is released, the trigger safety returns to safe position where it will lock unless the trigger is correctly pulled rearward.

Glock Firing Pin

The second and third Glock safety features work to prevent discharge unless the trigger is pulled, such as if the gun is dropped. A firing pin behind the Glock’s chamber must move forward in order for the gun to discharge, and the firing pin safety blocks the motion of the pin until the trigger is properly pulled. With the pull of the trigger, the safety moves up and allows the firing pin to engage. After the user fires the gun the firing pin safety automatically reengages to block the pin’s movement, preventing accidental discharge by impeding contact with a bullet.

Glock Drop Safety

The third fail-safe mechanism, called the drop safety, also relates to the firing pin. Located at the rear end of the trigger bar, it is the second safety system that must release the firing pin before the gun can discharge. The bar also holds the firing pin in place and prevents it from moving forward unless the trigger is correctly, purposely pulled. This safety allows the trigger bar to drop in order to unblock the firing pin from moving forward in the firing pin channel. This safety, like the others, also returns to its place as soon as the trigger is released, freeing the user from having to remember to manually switch the safety on in order to prevent gun accidents.

Glock Holster

Glock Holster

With the right type of  Glock holster you can have additional peace of mind. Choose a sturdy holster that will hold your gun securely in place and not allow the trigger to be pulled inadvertently. Even though the trigger must be pulled directly back in order to release the safeties, your Glock should always be carried in a holster that completely covers the trigger to prevent any chance of objects coming into contact with it.

While Glocks, like any gun, are not designed to be idiot-proof, their 3 built-in safeties make them a good choice for responsible owners who will always be mindful about safe ways to carry and store guns.

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