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Top 8 Glock Accessories

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The Glock is an excellent pistol for anyone looking for a weapon for self-defense or home defense. It is a popular handgun that many claim is easy and comfortable. There's plenty of processes to consider if you own a Glock such as  how to properly clean your Glock and how to customize it as well. You can use the Glock as is or add upgrades to customize it to your liking. There are also a number of Glock accessories available to pair with your pistol.

Top 8 Glock Accessories

Glock accessories are parts or upgrades you typically don't need, but is also things you should consider getting to maximize your Glock's potential and make the most out of your shooting experience. If you have been looking into upgrading your pistol, take a look at our top 8 Glock accessories.

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Extended Magazine Release

An extended magazine release will help to adjust your grip to make it more comfortable. If you are having a hard time with the grip on your Glock, an extended magazine release will be vital to your comfort level when shooting.

Extended Slide Stop Lever

The extended slide-stop lever will change how you are loading your Glock. It gives you another option for loading. With this accessory, you can use your thumbs to activate the slide-stop lever. This will save time with loading your gun.

Night Sights

The standard sights consist of white light in the shape of a U in the rear. Night sights will replace it with a white dot. Replacing it with night sights will help with visibility for self-defense.

Trigger Connector

You can replace the 5.5-pound trigger connector with the Ghost 3.5-pound trigger connector. This will significantly drop the trigger weight. You will experience more accuracy with your shot with a lighter trigger weight.

If you are looking for an easy way to customize your Glock, a Ghost 3.5 trigger connector might be the way to go.

Extended Basepads

There are various sizes to accommodate any hand size. If you have a large hand or use a smaller pistol, it is possible that your pinky doesn’t fit on the base pad with your grip. You can add length to your pistol’s basepad with an extender.

Talon Grips

A common thing to experience is a slippery grip on the pistol. You can take a few approaches to texturize your firearm for a better grip. The best option would be to accessorize with Talon Grips. You can add a rubber texture to your pistol to help grip it better while shooting.

Upgraded Drop-In Trigger

An upgraded drop-in trigger will transform your shooting experience. You can adjust the feel of your trigger based on your specifications. Everyone prefers a different feel for their pistol. You can upgrade the drop-in trigger if yours does not meet your needs.

Pistol Light

A pistol light is an excellent addition to your Glock. It will increase visibility in the dark. A pistol light will help you see your target in the dark. If you are using your Glock for self-defense, you should ensure you can see correctly in any condition. Regarded as an easy modification, the Glock pistol light is perfect for shooting in low-light conditions.

The Best Glock Accessories

The Glock is one of the most popular hand pistols. They are great for self or home defense. You can use it as is or customize it with any number of accessories. It can be fun to add accessories to something to change the look or feel. You can very quickly make your Glock something specific to your needs with any of these 8 top Glock accessories. If you're looking for the best of the best  Glock accessories and Glock parts, Ghost Inc. carries their own manufactured Glock parts, along with Glock OEM parts and more!

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