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How to Properly Clean Your Glock

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In order to preserve the life of your Glock and keep it accurate, it should remain on a cleaning schedule. With so many models on the market, there are some recommended cleaning schedules. Take time to clean the Glock parts to avoid buildup. These schedules could shift, however, depending on environmental factors like humidity or dry air among other things. Below are recommended cleaning schedules for the most popular Glock models.

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Glock 17

The Glock 17 model is sensitive to cleanings and requires regular maintenance. Even before you fire your Glock 17 for the first time, there are a few steps you should take into consideration such as:

  • Always lubricate it first
  • Oil it up after every use
  • Cleanings should be done monthly

While cleanings are recommended monthly if you live in mild climates, you'll have to take into consideration more cleanings are necessary in more humid climates. If you do live in more humid conditions you want to make sure it is cleaned every 2-3 weeks to avoid any rust buildup in the chamber.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 model is the most popular because it is easy to manage and affordable. We recommend cleaning your Glock 19 every month to keep it in tiptop condition. Other steps to take into account include:

  • Make sure to wipe down your Glock 19 before any other steps to eliminate environmental corrosion
  • Use cleaning wipes to remove any potential corrosion or particles that could affect the barrel
  • Field strip it so that you clean each piece properly 
  • When it is reassembled, it should be lubed properly to keep all the parts working 

An important thing to consider when you're cleaning a Glock is to keep in mind safety is always first. You don't want to misfire or have your pistol go off unexpectedly.

Glock 43

We recommend setting aside time to clean your Glock 43 at least once every six weeks to make sure no misfires or corroding happens. Some other recommendations you should follow include:

  • When you field strip the Glock 43, you need to make sure you use a cleaning solvent to clean the gun
  • Let the solvent process for a small amount of time while at room temperature. 
  • Avoid cleanings outside, unless it's perfect conditions such as 75 degrees and sunny
  • Too much heat on the solvent can have it cause more damage to the pistol

Although the cleaning process sounds rather difficult, the most important things is to be careful and mindful of the solvent along with the fumes it gives off. Try to clean your Glock 43 in an open area, not indoors.

Glock 43X

Since this Glock model is made with stainless steel, it is supposed to be a bit more resistant to element damage. Similar to other models the Glock 43x also has to be clean pretty regularly. The following are additional steps to take into consideration:

  • First it needs to be field stripped and cleaned with a nylon brush before 
  • After being reassembled, lubricate with gun oil
  • Avoid at all costs any type of cheap gun oil, rather use cleaner specific to stainless steel

The last thing you want to happen is corroding on the gun body, so it's important to purchase the right cleaning solution for the Glock 43x. Even if you do not fire your Glock, it should be cleaned at least once every six weeks.

Whether you own a Glock 17 or Glock 43, regular gun cleaning is essential to avoid jamming and rust. No matter if your a long-time gun enthusiast or first-time owner accidents can happen. Safety precautions should always be taken seriously before anything else.

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