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What Is Glock Safe Action System?

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When it comes to firearms, including Glock handguns, it is always important to put safety first. Glock stays ahead of the pack with this. One of the most crucial safety features of Glock handguns is called the Glock Safe Action System. The design of the Glock Safe Action System provides a consistent trigger pull weight from the first round to the last, which means that users should be able to exert the same amount of force to achieve consistent results.

The Glock Safe Action System has three separate safety control features built into the Glocks control system, which means that users can concentrate totally on shooting without disengaging the safety after each round. The Glock Safe Action System ensures that the pistol is safe even if you drop your Glock.

How Does the Glock Safe Action System Work?

The Glock Safe Action System is entirely automatic. There are three passive, independent mechanical safeties built into the pistol. All three of the safeties disengage in order when you pull the trigger. When the trigger is released, the safeties re-engage, keeping everyone safe.

The three separate safeties of the Glock Safe Action System include:
  • The Trigger Safety: The first safety mechanism is the trigger safety. This safety acts in the form of a lever. When the safety is engaged, it prevents the trigger from being pulled back. To remove this safety, the trigger safety has to be disengaged with the trigger. Both have to be depressed at the same time. If the safety is not depressed, the trigger cannot fire. This safety design is to prevent the pistol from firing if you drop your Glock.
  • The Firing Pin Safety: The second safety in the Glock Safe Action System is the firing pin safety. The Glock firing pin safety is a safety that is mechanically designed to block the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger moves back, the trigger bar moves the firing pin safety up, which releases the firing pin channel and allows us to fire. If the trigger is released without firing, then this safety has been designed to re-engage automatically.
  • The Drop Safety: The last safety in the Glock Safe Action System is called the drop safety, which involves the trigger bar. The trigger bar location is on a safety ramp inside of the housing of the trigger mechanism. This bar has been designed to engage the rear area of the firing pin. This also prevents the firing pin from moving forward. When the trigger is pulled back, the trigger bar lowers. This allows the firing pin to be released. Once the gun has been fired, the trigger bar returns and blocks the next bullet from being fired until the user is ready.

This is a brief overview of the three separate safety mechanisms in the Glock Safe Action System.


Glock Firing Sequences and Trigger Reset Feature

Several unique features accompany the Glock Safe Action System; however, the trigger reset feature is one of the most important. The trigger will reset even with a limited forward movement of the trigger. This means that users do not have to completely release the trigger in order to fire a second shot. Despite this, the gun is still safe. If users need to fire several shots in a row, they simply have to release the trigger slightly. This allows the gun to reset, which users can feel.

When the trigger moves to the forward position, all three safeties in the Glock Safe Action System reset—thereby ensuring that everyone is kept safe without having to inhibit the firing sequence of the user unnecessarily. This is one of the main features that sets Glock apart from the others.

Safety First with the Glock Safe Action System

These are a few of the most important points that all users must keep in mind regarding the Glock Safe Action System. As with all firearms, safety has to come first; however, there is a way to prioritize safety without limiting users’ firing rate or capacities. Glock has done this with the Glock Safe Action System.

With three separate mechanical safeties, the redundancies help make sure that everyone is safe. This safety system includes protection against drops, changes in temperature, and changes in pressure. The Glock Safe Action System goes above and beyond, showing why Glock is one of the most trusted brands.

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